Status #22015 Purpose of life is to make it more wonderful [...]

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Purpose of life is to make it more wonderful
Watched and enjoyed. Thanks. I so wanted to be their helping those ducklings.
Monday 9 January 2017, 01:20:32
Monday 9 January 2017, 07:35:36
[deleted user]
I know that we all are screen addicts (?) so at least we can choose with what to expose our minds (normally humans mind suppose to be exposed to real life experience) when you see something that serves life, your whole intention become positive and people would see it in your eyes and you will attract strangers that match your frequency of consciousness. It is as real as ...mama know which kid ate cookies from the jar... . If you train hard each day to ignore humanness in your self and strike like in military, it works. What ever one repeat regularly, one get better at. So we need to train hard like a Navy SEAL s to see what is life in humans around and how to serve life in any situation. If you ask random person: How to make life more wonderful? usually will be silence nothing is there, but if you ask from perspective of violence, military people direct see weakness in others as opportunity and vulnerability in them self that need to be protected. We have no problem to switch in the mood of paranoia state of danger and we have enormous trouble to create positivity in situation. I never so a movie where people solve conflicts peaceful way with out fight. I never ever read hear ore see situation when "monster" would be redirected to fulfillment of ones needs so that everyone could get along with their life. "Monsters" have needs too, like everything that is a life. Switch suppose to be instead of sniffing for each others weakness like a Hyenas, look for each others strength to cooperate on life serving mission. Look at people to try identify what they are best at and create opportunity for them to use it, for benefit of all of us. If a guy is a crook selfish bastard, he still probably have a strength too keep on driving his mission to accomplish steal, smuggle, get creative to lie and Positive compliments reinforce people to use their abilities for to serve life. But it has to be acknowledged and celebrated. If there is something bad then it has to be some thing good, because those two can not exist with out each other and serve as a reference of each others existence like everything els that is imaginary real to us. Observe able real is our needs and when we serve them we feel satisfaction.
Monday 9 January 2017, 13:45:10
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