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You can be free together with rest of us only. [...]

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You can be free together with rest of us only. Because no one can survive alone. There is no one people, because all people are one species that lives in colonies. There is no other way then to serve each others life. So freedom is mutual think and we have as much freedom as we aloud to others.
Same is with love, we have as much love as we give. So if we are quite tight any way, we need to let it go on each other with easiness step by step all together. We need gradually reduce violence. Spread the meme about peace making tricks. (NVC)

Now I want attention of all Social Justice Warriors!

You have bin training to spin your weals in a way that I like a lot. Now it is time to rise SJW name to the highest possible honor on the scale of the whole humanity history. You can make history, ball is in your hands.

This is what I want you to do:

1. Start study The Language of Life, technically it is traffic rules fore communication. Morally it is the way how to bring peace on this planet, it is a language that plants and animals use with each other, biologically is exchange of vital information. It brings people back to observe able reality for everyone.

2. Do what you do best, just cruising around on social-media looking for the source of violence. I want you to be like a sharks in the ocean sniffing on the drop of blood miles away.
And when you finally detect violence, you immediately engage in large groups and surround that place with kindness, love and compassion. You point every single world that does not fit NVC , you express harm that is done by that, request change in a totally non violent way. Give several nonviolent suggestions how to say instead.

Your function to serve all of us, would be readjust peoples activities in a life serving way, with out punishing ore hating any one. When violence in words became not acceptable, then deeds will be unimaginable. Our actions are extension of our talking. Peace is a state of mind. That is why meditation, Yoga practice calms mind, straighten up thoughts and our doings start serve life instead of harm it.
[deleted user]
Beautiful... and a very uplifting post. Heartfelt gratitude for posting this Sylvester.
Wednesday 11 January 2017, 15:41:08
[deleted user]
Thank you for reading my message , now it is two of us who read it. ;O)
Thursday 12 January 2017, 12:12:27
[deleted user]
I'm sure others have read it but just left no comment to indicate that they have
Friday 13 January 2017, 13:34:53
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