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Hoping to connect with awake conscious beings in my area, [...]

Ladysmith, British Columbia
via FCP - Canada - Vancouver Island
Hoping to connect with awake conscious beings in my area, or anywhere on Vancouver Island,
[deleted user]
Hi, i;m not from your country but I enjoy listening to a pdocast called Vancouver Real, those guys are awesome. They are located in somewhere called 'Gas Town' I think. They own a float business if you know what Floating is? Here is a link to their podcast - They always have very interesting guests on.
Saturday 7 January 2017, 01:57:46
Nice post ,
But what people need to understand is that radio frequencies affect our thoughts . They have the capability to manipulate the way you think through sound waves not just drugs . They can use your cell phone to transmit a certain frequency into your brain to think about something you would not normally think of .
Don't take my word for it , research it .
Saturday 7 January 2017, 04:53:18
Hi Lynda z and welcome. For those new to the site and wishing to generate interest in a local group then do check out the 'CONNECT' page where you will see any members who are already in your area and who may have formed a group you can join. Otherwise, set up a circle and start creating some 'noise'. There are some leaflet ideas you can print on the 'resource' section page... come back to us for support and ideas and let us know how you are progressing. Also, dont forget you can approach everyone with concerns- its not just about those who are FCP members. We gotta make every interaction into an opportunity to communicate and listen to others respectfully. Louise (coordinator FCP)
Saturday 7 January 2017, 10:35:01
[deleted user]
Yes it is a place to make your dreams come truth
Saturday 7 January 2017, 13:37:09
[deleted user]
Westwynd you are probably right. Well at least if she wants to avoid the radio frequencies, she can go down to the Float House and speak with them in person. Hoping that people can connect outside of this realm of the internet, although the internet is a great meeting area to begin with.
Saturday 7 January 2017, 18:15:20
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