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Family Lives in the Arctic Circle by Building Cob House [...]

Eastbourne, East Sussex
via The Full Circle Project
Family Lives in the Arctic Circle by Building Cob House in a Solar Geodesic Dome…
WOW! No I mean seriously WOW! I want one.
Thursday 5 January 2017, 16:08:41
Michael E. V. Knight
Might be bad for birds flying into it
Thursday 5 January 2017, 17:58:29
Virtuous Sword
Engineering in hostile environments is so interesting. Especially when the solutions are low-tech. We don't need toxic chemicals to build our future, but an understanding of nature and her laws, and the wisdom to use it correctly.
Thursday 5 January 2017, 19:01:14
Embassador Michael
Dome houses is definatly worth looking at when it comes to smaller personal living. I Think houseboats can be made with them aswell and nano materials . Iam looking into it.
Thursday 5 January 2017, 22:13:52
Wow that is AWESOME!!!:))) I would love to live in one of those
Saturday 7 January 2017, 08:54:38
Thanks Mat:))
Saturday 7 January 2017, 09:35:53
Jonathan Shackleton
Superb much like the eden project on a smaller scale of course. A dream that one day we'll have a community that can live in harmony and enjoy our labours.
Saturday 7 January 2017, 14:56:00
Joe C
Now they just need to build a pyramid around that geodesic dome and they'll be channelling scalar energy as well as staying warm!
Monday 9 January 2017, 13:31:34
Deleted User
I want a traditional Zulu hut made of mud and grass can't be too hard
Tuesday 10 January 2017, 18:25:11
Jonathan Shackleton
They used hemp and bamboo in many traditional huts totally sustainable and strong.
Wednesday 11 January 2017, 12:21:20
[deleted user]
Jealous, but pleased for this family all the same.
Pyramid enclosure would be awesome too!
Wednesday 11 January 2017, 16:23:37
Tree House/Home as well....: )) somewhere warm....though would have to consult with other tree dwellers like monkeys...cooperation and collaboration with those other than important as well...: )))
Wednesday 11 January 2017, 18:11:13
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