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This a 1 hour and 17 minutes live video [...]

British Columbia
via The Full Circle Project
This a 1 hour and 17 minutes live video version of the one I recently posted .
Put the Flat Earth BULLSHIT to rest once for all and move on .
There are more important things to solve .
[deleted user]
Earth is flat right under my ass ...
Thursday 5 January 2017, 14:59:50
I remember watching this live. I had turned onto our fake news channel (BBC) and there he was, going up. I watched and watched with amazement. Phoned me mum to say watch this. When he reached the time of his jump and he descended from his capsule I fell out of my chair with him. That's how immersed I was in this - unreal.
Thursday 5 January 2017, 20:55:31
I watched this too even though I suffer from serious vertigo!
Friday 6 January 2017, 11:21:22
[deleted user]
Until he rolls back the door and look its flat
Tuesday 10 January 2017, 22:43:33
[deleted user]
The real BS lies with this footage being filmed with a fisheye lens!
Wednesday 11 January 2017, 16:27:42
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