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Our messengers have told us many times that it will [...]

Toronto, Ontario
via Prepare For Change
Our messengers have told us many times that it will be less and less ok to eat meat. I have noticed the last little while that I feel almost always sick when I eat meat now (keeping to mostly vegan foods). Have you friends experienced this?
Emerald Aven
I simply have lost the desire to eat meat. I will occasionally in small amounts. Meat that has been fried is almost impossible now.
Thursday 5 January 2017, 01:06:07
Right? ...I trust my messengers but am still in shock that this is truly true! Even my friends got sick to... I did not tell them that was maybe the reason, because they are allergic to any spiritual theory. but I felt like it!
Thursday 5 January 2017, 01:38:23
Emerald Aven
I've heard some theories that our bodies will go through energetic changes and this will change what we require. If we are not doing physically-intensive labor I have read before that meat will just not be necessary.
Thursday 5 January 2017, 01:40:14
Yes, ultimately, food won't be necessary either, we will sustain ourselves on less and less, as our body slowly change completely from carbon base to crystal base (post ascension)
Thursday 5 January 2017, 01:43:08
Yes, I've noticed that I don't need as much meet to stay grounded and sane and that if I eat to much I feel nauseous. This is welcomed because I have made so many attempts to force myself to be a vegetarian in the past without success, I did not know if I would attain it this lifetime.
Thursday 5 January 2017, 08:34:47
[deleted user]
Yes, I agree with you, Sonja, that one can really feel a need for a little meat in one's diet. I always follow my intuition and when it's winter, very cold and taking lots of energy to keep warm, my body can crave for a bit of meat.

Though I've noticed that it's less more so and also I naturally begin to forget about needing it or buying it, for my dinner. I'm very much okay without meat in my diet.

I've decided to just go with that flow of less need for meat and when I eat a bit of meat, I send gratitude to the animal that gave its life.

I always buy bio-dynamic meat of animals that had a good life and horse meat can be invigourating too, after they've had a good life.

I'm not in favor of dogmatic vegans who break down when they see others eating the food that they deny themselves, while often half starving.

It's hilarious, to witness the tantrums of vegan people, due to a lack of minerals in their diet. I watch them taking loads of time at the counter, weighing their choices and presenting their allergies or other sensitivities. A more self-centered attitude and neediness I've seldom witnessed. A choice of food that is fully coming from a calculating mind.

As a nutritionist I recognize the symptoms immediately, when a person is out of balance. I can read body language and all sorts of signs in people. Even in the way they walk, specially from behind.

If there's one thing I don't do, that's being dogmatic about my food and proclaim a diet for all. It's just my own choice and nobody else's. Of course that goes for vegans too, ha ha.

I'm not arrogant in thinking I know what vegans need, in general. I've met healthy vegans who use common sense. it's just very clear how some are as much in a fixed belief system as the ones who eat a piece of meat each day, covering 1/3 of their plate
Thursday 5 January 2017, 08:53:34
Thanks for that reflection Pastinakel. Plus, it makes sense that with your training you can recognize when a person's diet is out of balance.
Thursday 5 January 2017, 09:20:13
[deleted user]
Yes, Sonja and that's presenting me with the challenge, at times, of being such a miss-know-so-much and being judgmental, on my plate. lol
Thursday 5 January 2017, 09:50:00
I can't ea meat anymore it kills my stomach. I've always had a problem with my diet and foods to eat I had to get my mom when I was a kid to get me certain foods and drink. I had to change my diet completely, I did try the vegetarian thing but didn't know alot about nutrition at the time. I love the all organic diet I'll never go back to that SAD diet never. When I was a kid I knew I wasn't going to eat meat my whole life.
Thursday 5 January 2017, 09:51:47
[deleted user]
That's why you're so sweet and mellow now, VASSAR. What would've happened when you had been a carnivore. Good heavens! Big grin.
Thursday 5 January 2017, 10:00:54
I agree with all the above. In Toronto we have excellent vegan choices, so delicious you don't need to be a vegan to want them!
Thursday 5 January 2017, 13:12:30
[deleted user]
Yes, you're so positive Hefalump, thank you so much for being a breath of fresh air.
I agree with you that many vegan recipes are delicious and the use of alternatives
of sugar is great, still creating a great taste, in drinks, snacks or chocolate.
I'm cutting my sugar intake much, hence the occasional grumpiness
Thursday 5 January 2017, 13:49:40
[deleted user]
I am very glad to hear that about Sonja cause I am the same way, I feel a little guilty sometimes eating meat but I cannot give up on it.
I think I need it for grounding hehe, I am not eating much meat but completly without it is not working for me right now. Maybe in the future one day. I try to eat mostly meat only by bio brands.Which is not always easy but I try to do that, for my better feeling when eating it and I am always blessing it with love before eating . My sister was vegan and had to stop because she got serios troubles with her thyriod gland. Now she is vegetarian.
Thursday 5 January 2017, 21:36:47
Oh yes, I was very much the same, Martina, 100%. I had tried so many things without success. but I thought, "this is a brand new habbit, it's not supposed to be easy", and veggan food is only developing now. What was available 5 years ago is horrible compared to what is available now. The stuff is really awesome here, not kidding. As an example, I could not switch to non-dairy, tried 5 different things, then one day I realised I just had to put more of it in!!! I filled 1 third of the cup with almond milk and added the usual ingredients: it worked! last I could really switch! it no longer crosses my mind to buy milk. So my point is you have to fight each little battle slowly and individually and not worry about how long it takes. I am doing it for my health too, I am soooo much better now! Like I took back 10 years or more! - and I switched to brown sugar as I am a sugar addict too Pastinakel !!!
Friday 6 January 2017, 00:05:49
my motto:
"switch what ever you can to what ever you can!" : organic, vegan, local, fair-trade... any of those helps the planet!
Friday 6 January 2017, 00:08:28
[deleted user]
Yes, that's true Hefalump, Edward Morgan published a beautiful article in the home site about the development of animals in their consciousness and use of skills. I always feel that with our growth of that awareness, the animal, plant - and mineral world follows in our footsteps, in their own manner of course ;)
I'm not exactly a sugar addict, if I may say so, for I begin to feel fine when I leave out the sugar almost entirely from my diet. It's when I'm in challenging situations that I choose food with sugar in it as comfort food. And I'm, for the moment, much challenged.

The sugarladen cakes in the UK are tempting for sure, for they're everywhere. The awareness of good food is very limited in the rural areas of the UK, in general. It's also due to poverty and the presence of much processed food in supermarkets and a large consumption of pork and fizzy drinks, chips and a minefield of sweets in sweetshops. The numerous eldely people here want convenience food at a low price and knowledge about food is often absent.
t's why I love to live in a place where I can grow vegetables, with an orchard and my own spring! Soon I will live in such a place, it's arranged already
Friday 6 January 2017, 08:26:27
[deleted user]
I am a sugar addict too , in recovery hehe, that is a good motto Hefalump, I think for everyone it happens at the given paste just like it is supposed to be. -I think it is sad that still for poorer parts of the society good food is still almost not affordable, I know that since I changed to biological food it has become more expensive, it is worth it but if I would be a single mom with just one income this would certainly would be not possible. These are things that need to change
Friday 6 January 2017, 13:28:18
[deleted user]
The thing is, with good food, that when the consumer wants low quality food, like junkfood, the shops will provide that food. It's business, not an education center with nutritionists standing next to the food products. I wish it was like that! I've assisted customers in supermarkets, informing them about ingredients and the balance of protein, carb and fat, the difference in grains and beans and alternatives of sugar. I've once had a question of a customer asking for Aspartam, due to his recent diagnosis of diabetes. His foodconsultant advised him to choose Aspartam as an alternative of sugar. Oops.... I had to think quickly about my response, for I didn't want to disturb him on top of having to deal with his diagnosis and a drastic change of diet.

I've taken him to the Aspartam and left it to him what to choose, but after asking him if he wanted to receive more info about sugar alternatives, he was interested and I told him about honey, agave syrup, or date syrup, also fruit sugar in powder form, to name a few. Diabetes is curable, it takes a tailor made diet and disciplin in consumption and choice of food plus physical excersize. Often inducing a welcome weightloss too.

When poor people begin to wake up and become aware of their own choice and power in a self-empowering manner, they will organize their diet according the level of care for their own health aka selflove. I've learned much, these last 18 months, about the loop of eating bad food, resulting in a condition of vagueness, fuzziness and tiredness. A very low vitality and greyness of skin. I witness this present in many people, in shops, buses and the streets or rural UK. There's sufficient good and fresh food available, many farmer markets are present on Saturdays and organic quality is also present.

The lack of mobility for many elderly residents creates often the arrival of supermarkets who organize transport for them by means of a community bus, a service that is a clever approach to safeguard their income by emptying the pockets of the army of feeble customers walking behind their trollies, filling them with ready made meals and other cheap processed food. The number or Alzheimer and Dementia patients is alarming in the UK.

I've found that organic food isn't more expensive than regular food, for often I've sat at the table with families who eat regular food, with bottles and jars of ketchup, mayonaise, piccadilly, brown sauce, hot sauce, chutney, etc. etc. in the middle of the table, all used to make the dinner more tasty.

The taste of regular food is becoming so very dull that these extra flavours are compensating for it. Besides, people who eat regular food, also drink often with their dinner, be it wine, beer or fizzy drinks. When you add the costs of all these products up, the price of regular food is higher compared to the costs of food on the table where an organic quality is chosen. Without the extra bottles and jars, without drinks near the plate. Drinking during dinner isn't recommended, a drink afterwards is a natural way to quench thirst.

The amount of organic food that we need is smaller compared to the amount of regular food, due to a denser presence of nutrients in the food and a more solid structure, less watery. Hence the stronger taste, which is quite remarkable when you compare it with the taste of the same food of regular quality.,
It's something many people don't realize, for choosing food and eating is largely an unconscous process for many. I'm sure this will change for the better.
Friday 6 January 2017, 16:04:42
[deleted user]
Marian over here in Austria, I am choosing bio brands for fruits, vegetables and meat, dairy products like butter and milk. It is important to me that the animals, the meat I and my family eat had a good life. This meat is significantly more expensive, also the fruits which are biologically not touched with chemicals and other stuff are more expensive. There are only certain Supermarket who sell these brands. I feel it in my wallet:) But it is alright for me, also eggs from free chicken running around are way more expensive than chicken who have never seen daylight. I love animals and I think if I still feel the need to eat meat at least the animals we are eating should have had a good life. Some say it does not make a difference because it is the the act of dying which is spiritually making this all less importan and still bad but I do believe it makes a difference, For all products it is not possible sometimes to get the organic ones but I am trying my best. I know the effects of aspartame on the body, there is still so Little Information about it I think! I am also trying to look for cosmetic products which are sold on the biological Brands too cause I know how bad silicone and aluminium is for the body, like it is used in many deodorants and shampoos.
I know the numbers with dementia and alzheimer is very high over here too, it is my daily bread when I look at my patients:)
I pray that Things will change soon and organic food will be the main food being sold and not like it is a new alternative trend in the food "industry", being there like an outsider for the " new age flower power generation" hehe
Friday 6 January 2017, 17:39:32
[deleted user]
I see what you mean, Martina fair and although I'm quite outspoken about organic food and my choice of it, I can never tell others what to choose.
There is a price paid for non-organic chicken, vegetables and fruit, to name a few. And that price is the damage done to the animals living in poor conditions, the damage to our body by the intake of hormones and pesticides, in non-organic milk and vegetables or fruit, or grains, not to mention genetically modified food, plus the damage to the soil and the decrease of varieties of wildlife, suffering from Round Up on the crops. That price is mostly never taken into account, pun intended. But we pay, or have to pay that price some day and many are changing their ways now, aware of that damage done. Look at the choices we are offered and the enormous number of diets, raw and cooked food, vegetarian, vegan and I believe a medieval diet too. Or a diet that the first nomads were eating.
Friday 6 January 2017, 17:48:51
[deleted user]
I am buying mostly organic food that is what I meant. I think this was a misunderstaning.
Friday 6 January 2017, 22:57:08
[deleted user]
Oh now I get what you mean sorry it was a long day hehe
Friday 6 January 2017, 23:05:25
Thank you Pastinakel I have been more calm and relaxed since I totally changed my diet. There is NO such thing as an organically grown chicken or whatever it's just to sell chickens. Some people should eat meat as their blood is different bit the majority of people should go organic mainly because of the way our bodies ate designed and our teeth. We are not predators. The reason why humans are designed the way they are is to ha e the option for meat eating incase of a server drought or flood or something happens to the land and we cannot groow our own food.....hence "fallout". Humans were made to adapt to their surroundings under all kinds of circumstances. Although it was thought that after the human came out of that struggle qith the land an animals that it would go back to it's original diet. Need we be forgetting that the humans that did eat animals that they grew or hunted did it in a shamanistic ritualistic way they wasn't just killing and eating animals, they got the animals permission to do it. Also a typical family would have like one cow or pig would last them the whole year. Humans basically didn't really start this massive meat eaters diet until the advancement of the industrial nations that made ot easier for a mcdonalds or burgerking. Beforw that ot was all about farming and growing your own food fruits and vegitables. Since it hadn't really been done before nobody knew what was going to happen to the humans at the turn of the century. The Dracons knew everyone else was a hope that humanity didn't eat all of the animals. Eating of and or killing animals for food will be illegal in the golden age. Humans will have it difficult for this transition.
Sunday 8 January 2017, 21:49:24
That is true , during medieval time in Europe, peasant had very little access to meat, it was a luxury reserved for the parasitic class! ;o) they were not allowed to even hunt in their own forests!
Sunday 8 January 2017, 22:14:31
[deleted user]
The peasants became excellent poachers and fishing was free, more or less. But I agree with you, Hefalump, that the rich and wealthy almighty ceated bad karma much. I wonder sometimes, if Britain is going through harsh times due to that unbalance, with a few wealthy families and many paupers and tinkers. The hierarchy of power was extreme in Britain, specially in the time of the Industrial Revolution, which was spreading like a tsunami all over England, offering much work, creating much wealth and comforts of living, but also forcing many people to work in the mines and factories for a poor wage.
The books of Charles Dickens are great history books, when you want to understand those times in Britain. He wrote the story of Scrooge, you know?

Not all factory owners were evil or bullying, for I've seen remnants of great accomodation and provisions, for workers and their families. Also providing playgrounds, a communal hall and a swimming pool for them. Of course the other side of the coin was that it was a guarantee for the factory owner to keep the working force running that treadmill. There's so much to it, when you study the introduction of technology, like the arrival of the Industrial Revolution and I've done that for years. 1987 was the year that the Industrial Revolution ended, according to the Mayan wisdomkeepers, keeping their eyes on the significance of numbers and cycles in time.

Now I'm witness of physical evidence for the worse, perhaps of what this unbalance in wealth is causing still and has caused in the past. Most industry has gone down in Britain and mining has stopped. Britain seems to be in shock and in need of finding her strength and courage again. The abuse of power is horrendous in the government and its admnistration. The healthcare system is falling and there's never been such evidence of poor education, here in England. A whole new organisation is waiting to find a welcome, once the British population wakes up from the nightmare of its past. I'm going to assist in this in some way and my Dutch background plus Frisian blood are great assets to be victorious in that ;).
Monday 9 January 2017, 10:31:32
Yes the information age did take over about 1987. I first learned of Atlantis is 1988. Alot of that wealth gap was calculated and engineered by the draconians trying to rebuild they technology back after the fall. That's what they do behind every revolution there is they are always right there controlling steering human evolution. The fall of Rome was said to have been caused by them as well.When us humans come out the cave or that big hole in the ground the draconians are always there to greet us. Usually they trick us with the church and state dichotomy when they are behind both. They got the castles they got the weapons the food all the money. And they fight they just keep on fighting.
Monday 9 January 2017, 16:22:33
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