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hi I am new here. what is SotR? and is [...]

Viola, Wisconsin
via SotR - United States - Southwestern Wisconsin, USA
hi I am new here. what is SotR? and is ESG econ/social/gov?
Emerald Aven
Event Support Group and Sisterhood of the Rose
Wednesday 4 January 2017, 21:07:03
Emerald Aven
Please excuse my brevity in my earlier post. If you go to the Prepare for Change main website they have more information on those groups! Welcome!
Thursday 5 January 2017, 01:16:46
Hello Johanna, welcome to Prepare for Change. I'm glad you joined. There is a lot of information, I joined just over one month ago and have been learning a lot of new information, reminded of information previously learned and am very thankful to Cobra and everyone at PFC.
Thursday 5 January 2017, 09:05:20
[deleted user]
Welcome Johanna:)
Friday 6 January 2017, 15:21:53
Johanna O'Tea
thanks folks! I haven't spent much time here yet cuz i'm getting to know this site and many others thru the Awakening Sovereignty collective and wow Lot of fun stuff is happening! I'm finally 'leaving babylon'. Blessings on all of you and all that you do! Glad to be connected. I will study up some more!

Tuesday 17 January 2017, 05:19:01
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