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My meeting with a private bank branch manager, promissory note. [...]

Vanderhoof, British Columbia
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My meeting with a private bank branch manager, promissory note.
Wednesday 4 January 2017, 19:17:14
do not ever say that you are sovereign or you will be a lea gel "terrorist"!
Wednesday 4 January 2017, 22:51:03
Here is the direct link to the document mentioned in the video. It is 2015-51-E:….
Wednesday 4 January 2017, 23:28:08
Ryan, you said, "I am a man, the authorized representative of Mr. ---- ------, whose authority is granted by..." and they didn't balk. The manager assented to that statement. Interesting. That is important.
Friday 6 January 2017, 21:40:41
Ryan W
"Authorized representative" is best used in place of sovereign. My birth certificate says CANADIAN BANK NOTE COMPANY LTD on the bottom left in fine print and that's what I was presenting.
Sunday 8 January 2017, 20:24:15
How did it go? Did you get a decision?
Monday 6 February 2017, 00:59:17
Ryan W
After this video I recieved another letter, "we don't accept what you said you did, pay your mortgage, we won't respond to this matter further"

Then on January 13th I delivered an affidavit addressed to the principal (notice to agent, notice to principal) I laid it all out under penalty of perjury stating they were obligated to respond in kind or aqueiscence.

Then I recieved a letter from a lawyer on January 24th saying if they did not recieve payment plus legal fees they would foreclose on January 23rd (yesterday according to the delivery receipt)

On January 27th the initiated a petition to the Supreme Court fore foreclosure and did not send me notice , I only found out from the land title office through a certificate of pending litigation.

On February 14th I delivered a sworn notice of estoppel to the bank principle and outlined all the positions they had taken by thier tacit admissions. Basically saying they have been paid in money's worth and could not pursue me for additional value and that thier agents had caused me to suffer a tort.

After delivering that notice I submitted a 52 page petition response to the Supreme Court that pointed out, for the following reasons, the petitioners originating pleading could not raise a cause of action against me.

I informed the court of the doctrine of estoppel, laches, and the clean hands doctrine and that the case should be dismissed one cause the court cannot abett inequity.

Then I served the lawyer with these documents (which I believe he has not seen because this whole thing is compartamentalized) if he has a lick of sense or does not want to be disbarred I imagine they will pull out be fore the judge sees it.

If the judge sees it I included a bunch of case law that does not allow him to make a decision contrary to that case law.

It has been a little stressful but I expected they would play dirty, they have a "system" to use against us to grind us down, it's no match against individuals who are willing to stand up because they know what's at stake, they fear our numbers.
Wednesday 15 February 2017, 19:15:56
Wow, that's amazing. Thanks for sharing that.
Wednesday 15 February 2017, 20:03:47
Ryan W
I have found eye opening relations between law, business (trust) and banking in this adventure.
Thursday 16 February 2017, 01:37:55
Promissory note for US
Tuesday 21 February 2017, 11:00:41
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