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I have just created a single-paged document about PizzaGate that [...]

Glendale, Arizona
via Prepare For Change
I have just created a single-paged document about PizzaGate that is easy to read, understand and share with others. It contains two links to both of the posts I did about PizzaGate and the pedophile code words being found in the Wikileaks e-mails. I have also converted the PDF into a JPEG so it can be easily shared on social media. Feel free to use it or modify it to your liking, as long as the information gets out there.

Victory of the Light!…
It fits the known picture of it all, so, it's probably fairly accurate.
Thursday 5 January 2017, 01:56:21
Hi Jonathan, thank you for all of the work you are doing. Yes, this needs to get out so the Earth's children can be safe again, and get the healing they need so desperately. I have helped adults who have lived through such torcher and their lives are a living hell that some never get out of, and they internalize the abuse and will cut themselves in sensitive areas etc, as they try desperately to escape severe emotional pain. Most seem to die young due to self harm, continued abuse from those they associate with, drugs etc. it's time for us all to heal. Getting the word out is a big step in the right direction.
Thursday 5 January 2017, 09:15:28
Sonja all of that sounds horrific...I can't even imagine what these people go through..But I will keep spreading the word and telling people this is going on. I have told my co-workers about it and they were shocked and I sensed some cognitive dissonance in them. But oh well they need to hear it anyways. People are suffering. Thank you for the work you are doing. The world is a much better place with people like you in it. <33
Thursday 5 January 2017, 18:10:39
[deleted user]
Since self harm is a much practiced injury for students and women of about 30, in the UK, I've learned that this urge to self harm induces an orgasmic sense of relief, due to breaking the tension by flowing blood and pain.

It's an extremely damaging programming of course, but it's a way for these people to escape from extreme and unbearable stress, as they explain themselves.

In general, British residents feel an obligation to live up to expectations of others, oartly due to competition in career or work (lots of joblessness) and living up to the standard of performing and being outstanding in it.

A survival mode and a materialistic focus is huge here, with skills of performance as part of it aka "keeping up appearances". It's a huge difference with the Dutch culture, where I've grown up in and quite a culture shock for me.
Friday 6 January 2017, 09:10:07
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