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Hi everybody ! Might start by introducing myself as you'll [...]

Minimbah, New South Wales
via Permaculture (R)Evolution, Shamans of the XXIst Century
Hi everybody !

Might start by introducing myself as you'll certainly feel better knowing who I am !

People call me Geoffrey Lai, and I've been living in this body for 21 years. I was born and raised in France and moved to Australia 3 years ago where I started experimenting with permaculture, composing Visionary Art and study Sacred Science with the clear intention to give my best shot at offering all I can possibly give to be decisive and make a difference in this truly messianic era we have the privilege to live in.

I know the situation might seem overwhelming and the challenge too great, but I do receive this Present as a golden opportunity to ascend beyond the mundane triviality of material existence. It's like if we were offered the Keys to Heaven, Inner Peace, and were invited to climb the stairs, as the present situation surely makes the ways of Salvation pretty obvious to all the ones who got in touch with The Truth.

Japanese traditional custom use the word "Ikigai" to define the particular purpose and meaning surrounding each individual's very Existence. I know, from elsewhere, that some of us were sent down here on Earth to accompany Humanity in the most important anthropologic evolution it as ever faced, which is Post-Capitalist society and Global Spiritual Unity.

Humanity plays a very particular role in the Universal Harmony, as a bridge between Mother-Earth and The Sky, and a Vessel for the Universal Consciousness to act through, we truly are blessed with a Central function of this earthly existence, and it is about time we acknowledge and respect the responsibilities going along with such a status.

May the Force be with Us, and thanks everybody for Existing and sharing Light into this World, for we need it mote than ever.
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love and light thankyou for sharing Namaste
Friday 13 January 2017, 04:56:55
Different states welcome as well (SA)? What would be the first thing the group will be working on?
Sunday 25 June 2017, 09:49:16
Hello Geoffrey. My name is Kim. My email is [email protected] I am wondering if this community and its projects are still operational? If so, I'm only a few km's away and would very much like to make an agreeable time to come visit please. Kind regards Kim
Monday 22 July 2019, 02:39:53
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