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I've just finished watching this two hour video by David [...]

Brantford, Ontario
via Ubuntu Planet
I've just finished watching this two hour video by David Wilcock: It provides a lot of detail about what he calls the "Progenitor Race", which dates back 5 million years. In it he references the giant footprint MT has shown in a number of his own videos. According to Wilcock, a large number of moons in our solar system have been hollowed out, including our own. This is supported by heat graph images of some of these moons. The Annunaki are also referenced. I am not clear at this point at how the An. are related to the giants. Perhaps they are them? This is important as any "build out" or "rebuild" of a paradigm needs to include the actual species we are dealing with and an accurate knowledge of our history so that we can make the right decisions. One of these may be to think about an underground component in plans for a community, as that is clearly evident on this planet and on many moons.
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