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No chemtrails today. Pilots too drunk. Business as usual tomorrow [...]

Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken
via The Full Circle Project
No chemtrails today. Pilots too drunk. Business as usual tomorrow
Ha ha. Your not wrong their.…
Sunday 1 January 2017, 17:00:29
Oh! And your right they were behaving themselves today. And I mean the trails not the pilots. But in fairness I'm sure most were fine.
Sunday 1 January 2017, 17:02:02
I was thinking perhaps our Queen sent a message out to all the CEO's of the airlines to quit for a while.…
Sunday 1 January 2017, 17:05:06
[deleted user]
ha ha phillpots . i reckon she's on her way out...??
Sunday 1 January 2017, 18:20:17
Wishful thinking! Be a good excuse to delay the inauguration if she or her despicable husband croaked it
Sunday 1 January 2017, 18:25:42
[deleted user]
apparently there's rumours shes already snuffed it. It wouldn't surprise me if she were sacrificed over the xmas period along with the others. Good timing to roll out the next "monarch" as well.
Sunday 1 January 2017, 18:32:07
Now wouldn't that be something big to start the new year off.
Sunday 1 January 2017, 18:40:45
Where's the party poppers !!🤣
Sunday 1 January 2017, 18:42:18
I have just finished dinner with my family and I said to everyone that's it party over xmas over and done with, decs down start a new year. Well you never know
Sunday 1 January 2017, 18:48:44
Yep, I think the longer decorations and all that crap is up, the more depressing it is , going to do the same tomorrow Pp, good idea
Sunday 1 January 2017, 18:51:28
Why is it the house now seems so empty. Never figured that out.
Sunday 1 January 2017, 18:53:36
Queen is feeling better now. I'm convinced the BBC look in on this site, have for while. Hi BBC when are you going to own up and give us real facts not fake dumbed down news.…
Sunday 1 January 2017, 19:43:50
[deleted user]
just came across this article "Queen Elizabeth Missing, Presumed Dead"…
Sunday 1 January 2017, 22:52:47
In my opinion this is fake news (as expected from YNW) (and on a par with the BBC). Who can we trust today?
Sunday 1 January 2017, 23:04:32
[deleted user]
agree but the idea is still being put out there
Sunday 1 January 2017, 23:05:26
I get the feeling 2017 may be the start of the awakening, lets hope so and we shall see.
Sunday 1 January 2017, 23:18:57
You guys mean the Queen hasn't made any public appearance for some days? What about the rest of the royals?
Monday 2 January 2017, 00:22:37
True they have been quiet recently. I'm sure they will jump back at us with '......' very soon.
Monday 2 January 2017, 00:30:26
[deleted user]
Yeah didge. the queen hasn't been seen for 12days which is no big deal....but....she didn't attend the xmas church service or the new year one.....that's unheard off....she's never missed either of them however "ill" she might be. The BBC love to tell us every year how brave she is at her age facing the British winter weather to go to show her allegiance to the church blah blah....
Monday 2 January 2017, 23:13:53
[deleted user]
the rest of the royals were there
Monday 2 January 2017, 23:14:30
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