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I had a high pitched frequency noise which lasted one [...]

Nantwich, Cheshire East
via The Full Circle Project
I had a high pitched frequency noise which lasted one hour last night, my hubby didn't hear it and I don't suffer from tinnitus, plus I wasn't drunk! We don't have a lot of high tech gadgets etc, and we were watching a DVD
It suddenly stopped , weird any deals guys?
Your neighbour's gadgets could be it. Different people (and animals) can hear different frequency ranges, I understand.
Sunday 1 January 2017, 13:04:27
Thanks it was really an odd event 🤔
Sunday 1 January 2017, 13:23:25
[deleted user]
Billy in the Midlands is hearing this and also having problems with his balance. He's been wondering if there's a connection.
Sunday 1 January 2017, 13:44:08
That is odd. If it happens again make a note of the time, where you are. Move to different parts of the house and see if the noise travels with you or changes pitch. Go outside and see if you still hear it. Perhaps ask your next door neighbour, maybe they heard something or as Didge said they could have been using something. But very odd.

Not heard from Billy much lately I hope he's OK.
Sunday 1 January 2017, 15:16:19
Just did a test myself on this. I lasted to 12000

Sunday 1 January 2017, 15:35:57
Would be an idea to put the link in…
Sunday 1 January 2017, 15:36:26
made me feel sick and the higher it got the faster my ears rang, and thats how i could tell the frequency had changed.i dont have tinitus but also have this 'noise'.
Sunday 1 January 2017, 15:46:46
Got to 14000, that was similarly like last night
Neighbors where out last night no kids etc left in , detached house quiet area
I heard it all over the house
Had unexpected violent nosebleed the night before which lasted ages, I don't think I am a target 🎯 not important enough!
It was just a weird hour in my life ! I usually were a chakra relating crystal pendant around my neck , but I was bought a necklace so haven't had it one since the 25th, not sure if that's relevant , thanks for all the replies, keep them coming if there's anything else or anyone who has had the same x much love and I'm sure that this awakening will continue in 2017 xx 😘
Sunday 1 January 2017, 16:41:30
[deleted user]
I've spoken to some-one from the US who has heard it as well. I've heard the high pitched noise and a low hum frequency at times.sometimes I'm surrounded by approx 300 acres of fields so not in a very high density area of UK. agree with you gaynor don't believe its targeted at individual think it targeted at all in a general location. also same as you gaynor when I asked my mum if she could hear it (low hum)she said no which kinda surprised me. and I do feel it affects me somehow
Sunday 1 January 2017, 16:51:36
[deleted user]
I can't give any evidence but I'm sure Billy is onto something with it affecting his balance..oh i spoke to him a couple of days ago he's ok but laying low for a while he'll be back soon.....
Sunday 1 January 2017, 16:54:53
Good to know
Sunday 1 January 2017, 16:55:56
ive got an article about the hum/ring.will look for it
Sunday 1 January 2017, 17:40:15
[deleted user]
think i might do a survery on this one.
Sunday 1 January 2017, 17:53:52
Thanks guys ,
Sunday 1 January 2017, 18:23:05
[deleted user]
gaynor can i use your post quote for the survey?
Sunday 1 January 2017, 18:28:08
Of course Carla , hope to see if this a global/ local thing, or maybe others have had similar experiences I feel fine , today no problems but it was such a strange sensation like being in fishbowl with this noise in my brain! Please go ahead x
Sunday 1 January 2017, 18:31:56
Thanks for the link Phillpots I got to 17000
Monday 2 January 2017, 00:22:53
I tried again with earphones and I still did not get passed 12. Well done you.
Monday 2 January 2017, 00:32:36
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