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Here's a funny episode of the Beverly Hillbillies, for the [...]

Tavistock, Devon
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Here's a funny episode of the Beverly Hillbillies, for the long evening of Dec. 31st.
It's about what striking oil does to folks who've never heard of a telephone.
Wishing you a sparkly rainbowy New Year 2017 with great adventures or calm green pastures, finding fulfillment of whatever your desires and wishes are…#
They buy the farm on this one! Hahaha!😛
Friday 30 December 2016, 21:04:19
[deleted user]
Isn't it telling that the Clampetts, called "outlaws" consider the mansion to be a prison?
They arrive with granny in her rocking chair on top of the luggage, kept the gardeners
under control with their guns, wondering where the prison guards were hiding and were
put in jail for it, after which they were liberated by the oily baron who apologizes and
welcomes al, including their lovely money.... ehh, mother, ha! lol
Friday 30 December 2016, 21:12:25
It's even funnier that they got all that money and struck it rich but they still manage to dress like hillbillies! Reminds me of my family a bit! Classic
Friday 30 December 2016, 21:20:55
Gotta watch this!!!
Saturday 31 December 2016, 04:36:02
[deleted user]
The humour of that series is priceless and the acting is superb, even in it's oversized ways, like the daughter finding a man in the field,
knocking him out with a stone, bringing her bait home, throwing it on the table like a bag of beans, asking her dad "Can I keep it in the shed, dad?" lol
Saturday 31 December 2016, 08:03:38
saw that! haha, didn't watch the whole thing but it had a wonderful vintage humour. sweet.
Saturday 31 December 2016, 18:52:16
[deleted user]
Thank you Marian, wishing you a happy great thrilling funny and joyful new year sweety!
Monday 2 January 2017, 13:40:14
[deleted user]
Thank you sparkly fairy Martina, I feel I've had enough thrills of moving home, last years, so I'm looking forward to
peace and quiet in domestic affairs, after moving twice, last year.

I must work hard to make that happen lol, for it's always lively in my life with sparks flying off in all directions.
I think it's why I was born on New Year's day, curious about the firework going off, born at 5 o'clock in the morning.
Oh la la... look who's here... a born rebel.

The headmaster of the primary school saw me walking at the hand of my mother, entering the playground and after
welcoming my mother and shaking my little hand, he talked with my mum. At some point he placed his hand on my head
and said to her "This is one of a kind, she's going to be someone to reckon with" I was 7 years of age.

My mother told me this later, for I didn''t remember. I think the headmaster was right and it's maybe why I had to learn humbleness,
like being alone on Jan. 1 and taking care of a family of 11 at the age of 15. I'm not easily humble, for I feel royal and love leadership.
At the time, 1965-ish, I didn't know how to give words to express how difficult it was, to organize much of the domestic affairs for 11
people and how my school results were miserable, due to it.

I just felt "If nobody can do it, I can do it" And I did it. All in all, after many walks in life, on the shadow- and sunny side, it has turned out fine.
That what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, hmm? I'm tried and tested and now I've decided to enjoy my life to the fullest, thrills and all
Monday 2 January 2017, 14:44:16
[deleted user]
you are absolutely right Marian, enjoy it:) There is nothing wrong with being a pioneer, we need those now:) I have this kind of rebel at home too, I just need to steer him into the right directions and adapt him to this life on earth a little. Have you been an indigo child too?:) hehe
Monday 2 January 2017, 16:21:48
[deleted user]
I admire how you managed taking care of so many people:) My boy still needs to learn humbleness, I am working on that haha
Monday 2 January 2017, 16:23:46
[deleted user]
Oh, I'm not so very fond of those sort of labels, I'm too rebellious to accept them, ha ha. One of a kind... know what I mean lol
At my age now, I'm sometimes amazed too, about the fact that I managed to function in this role for 6 years, until I left home
at 21, immediately running to the wild side of the street, ha ha. Although I often slipped out of the house at night, with the 10
family members snoring sonorous, so that the sound of the door was muffled
Monday 2 January 2017, 17:51:50
[deleted user]
No labelling, I hate those too:) Actually I think it is a compliment, don´t you think? What would we do without the Inventors, the free spirited minds, the rebels and the ones who don´t take everything that someone puts in front of them to eat? I am like that to if you will so but maybe not on the outside . I wrote poems from the age of 12,13 up to now. I lost the drama part though, love has nothing to do with the romantic, selfless love about who they write about, it is on a deeper level where you can be who you are and stay that way if you know what I mean. It is much more free and without drama hehe. Fortunately I lost that part of life too, the drama. Everything makes the attitude, don´t you think? I was more the "good" girl in my youth up to the point where I ran off (or fly better said) to America.
Monday 2 January 2017, 18:54:21
[deleted user]
Yes, I agree with you, that we need free spirits. I'm more at peace with it now, though in earlier years I could feel like an alien between human beings.
Regarding "keeping up appearances" I know much about that, for I had to perform as a good girl, being a minister's daughter. And oh, with my natural
skill of acting, I was very good in it and found always an open door in family homes with parents who were looking for a childminder. When I noticed
that they kept guessing and probing about my credibility, during the interview, I threw in a casual remark "I am a minister's daughter" That did it! lol
Of course I'm far from sweet and obedient, but I know I can show such skills. I've got a natural talent for being much and all the things I had to learn
in life I knew how to do it almost from the start. Specially work with my hands. Excersize is a rare practice for me, it's why I find it difficult to practice
patience with others, at times. But it gets better with the years and in reaching my goal, once I am clear about it, I am eternally patient almost
Monday 2 January 2017, 19:05:49
[deleted user]
hehe I am sure about that one haha, sometimes being a good girl is not the best advice either you know hehe cause you have to deal with life later and that does not make it easier. But we all have our learning process:)
Monday 2 January 2017, 19:08:46
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