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Ko Samui, Chang Wat Surat Thani
via The Full Circle Project
Happy New Year – I Think!

I would wish a Happy New Year for everyone on the site and worldwide, and I do! But, and this is a big but, what has happened in 2016 is not a precursor to a golden – age it is the precursor to being chained up even tighter. The three ‘City States’ have been extremely active over the last few years and even when some unforeseen good thing comes along it is quickly taken out of the peoples hands and placed back into the hands of the true rulers of our world.

Everybody I know believes that the inter-net was the greatest thing ever conceived and it has many wonderful attributes but it is also the gravest threat to our humanity. It is the beginning of the hive mind that will have us all attached to it and will very soon be our controller. Tell me that I am wrong and you need to think a little deeper about this subject. At present we are seeing the first steps in the take-over of what news and views we will all receive. As the ‘fake news’ war hot’s up we will see alternative media pushed further and further out of the circle of influence and will eventually disappear through laws and laws that will be written by socio-paths that have the power of violence at their disposal. The Elite will win the information wars as they are a connected and viable structure that knows how to push and how to pull at the right times. Tell me , if you write in your search engine ‘The Truth?’ how many links will you get? And how many are the real truth? This was one of the points that the dreaded ‘Protocols of Zion’, you know that fake document written more than a hundred years ago, spoke about. It stated that within the hundred years after it was written the human-race would have the ability to know everything but that it would be next to impossible to decipher as everything would be confused and covered in crap. Make a Search!!!

New-Age Guru’s are telling us that we need to throw love at the problems we face but I’m sorry this doesn’t work, we’ve been conned once again! Most of the New-Age interpretations of the Mysteries are coloured by weak minds wanting an easy life. When did we all get a letter from a God that said it would be easy? This is the greatest fight humanity has ever been involved in as it uses ‘full spectrum dominance’ to beat us into submission.

How many people got an I-Phone or an I-Pad for Xmas or gave one to your children? If you purchased one for your self or as a present for someone else my question is – WHY? These devices are extremely dangerous as they without doubt take us from our three dimensional world and place us into a two - dimensional construct THAT IS NOT REAL!!!! Think about it you are helping to bring about the end of our species and you won’t stop.

How many people in 2016 closed their Bank Accounts or at least cut up their credit and debit cards? I’ll tell you – it was probably no-one. Insanity can be explained as doing the same thing time and again and hoping for a different outcome. So, when you know what tools the Elite are using to control everything in our lives why do you continue using them?

A.I. is on the horizon if it already hasn’t been accomplished. This is the death knell for a human race that is so full of entertainment, prescribed drugs, deadly food, contaminated water and bad air that it seems as though it cannot think properly.

Even though the specter of a looming third world war is on the horizon as well. Some are ecstatic that ‘Trump’ got the Presidency. They believe that Clinton would have been a worse president than ‘Trump’ (I am not going to get into any useless arguments with people who still believe in the role of Government, we only have a few weeks to see what kind of Presidency is going to emerge. If I was Trump I would enact a few sweeties for his followers and when they are praising him loftily he will show his true colours, wait and see!) A rude awakening is also on that same horizon. ‘Trump’s placements of billionaires and Zionists in his future cabinet should send shivers down anyone’s back but instead we have half of the alternative Media and their followers believing that somehow this clearly despicable person is going to ‘make America’ great again. I suppose the mass murders that the U.S.A. has committed from the time of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the standard of greatness people are desiring. The formation of the Anglo-American Empire is the only aim that Britain, the U.S.A. and their Free-Masonic allies have been interested in for over one hundred years – get real about the ‘States’ please!!! As for Britain – I without doubt, believe that they are the real manipulators of our situation. Britain controls the financial system through the City State of London, while the military is controlled by the district of Columbia, Washington and the Spiritual avenues are controlled by the Jesuit Black Pope, this is cause for celebration?

Next year will be one of the defining periods of time for ‘we the people’. Become a real ‘Warrior’ fight the system on all levels. Only through our connectivity and our connected actions can we begin to roll back a very dirty carpet. Actions that hurt the Elite are the only first steps that we should be focusing on, so focus, get rid of your dependence on the Banking system, take your children out of school, refuse vaccinations no matter what the cost. The more people we collect and join with through the FCP and other sites that want to begin actions, the more power we will have – let’s begin! And let’s have a great ‘New Year’ doing the only things that really matter!
Set the controls for the heart of the sun... the origin of the year.
In through the out-door...
Friday 30 December 2016, 16:06:32
Very good valid points tony a, thanks, for taking the time to compose your comments/thoughts...
Saturday 31 December 2016, 04:50:31
tony a
thanks for reading and have a Great New Year!!!
Saturday 31 December 2016, 05:11:33
Brilliant tony; well composed and on point. I'm sharing to the direct action page and hope we can pick up on these relevant views. Also looking forward to those talks to expose in more detail.... surely this year we have to pull out all the stops? Blessings to you and catch you in 2017!
Saturday 31 December 2016, 15:43:23
Tony - that was one of the most dead on, articulate posts I've read in a long time. I think 2017 will be our best chance to at least get positioned to resist the system and come up with alternatives to the current one. When the economy tanks and they possibly take us to war, people will be forced to find a way to circumnavigate the control mechanisms to just get by.
Saturday 31 December 2016, 16:50:30
Happy New Year 2017! Hope all people promote positive thoughts and help each other out as much as possible!
Saturday 31 December 2016, 23:56:44
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