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There is a lot of good knowledge in this wonderful [...]

Trumbull, Connecticut
via The Full Circle Project
There is a lot of good knowledge in this wonderful presentation. Please check it out!…
The Hopi were by no means docile sheep. They did put up fierce fights when they were forced to. When I was traveling in their area, I checked the stores and supermarkets. Not good. A lot of junk food. I wonder how the food is affecting them.
Friday 23 December 2016, 07:58:06
[deleted user]
Didgeville it does not surprise me about the poisonous junk food. That is tactic “one oh one” for the military strategist who want to weaken a group, culture, society, etc... One of the first things that Ghandi implemented amongst his people was their food independence from their British repressors. “Who controls your food controls you.” Ghandi taught the people to eat what westerners deem as weeds (purslane, dandelion, etc.). This had a very powerful effect.
In his presentation, Thunderhands definitely emphasizes that there are certainly many problems amongst the Hopi just like any other culture. One thing I really liked that he spoke about was that being a Hopi was beyond being from a specific bloodline, group, and region. Being a Hopi is more about having a deep rooted connection to the wisdom, knowledge, and harmony of the Spiritual. So in that sense there are Hopi far beyond the confines of the reservations. They are thankfully throughout the World.
Friday 23 December 2016, 15:49:12
[deleted user]
“He `uala ka `ai ho`ola koke i ka wi – The sweet potato is the food that ends famine quickly” – Hawaiian proverb
Friday 23 December 2016, 16:10:51
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