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There is nothing better than getting a massive, massive dump [...]

Trumbull, Connecticut
via The Full Circle Project
There is nothing better than getting a massive, massive dump truck size load of truth. It is music to my ears that restores the energy of my being that periodically gets depleted from the mass zombie mob. Thank you Max and Mark! I really needed to here these words.…
This is good one! Two of my favorites.
Friday 23 December 2016, 18:07:59
[deleted user]
It certainly is wonderful for the spirit, and my kind of language for sure. I have already listened to it a few times since it has been published. It is talks like this that have become my main form of human companionship (I know very sad), as I do not have any awakened people in my life anymore. The few great ones that I had have passed on. And all of the others that are not so awakened that I was close with, I have drove away. They can not handle the truth, as I see things and speak very similar to Mark and Max.
Friday 23 December 2016, 20:36:33
I may not agree with Mark on many things, but his Natural Law lecture series is excellent, as well as his research and lectures regarding the importance of the 2nd Amendment (as it is applied to Natural Law). They have been absolutely inspiring to me - so much so in fact, it is the reason why I became a gun owner and study the practice of firearms.
Friday 23 December 2016, 22:48:27
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