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Hello to you, I am Jennifer, from Americus, Georgia. Looking [...]

Americus, Georgia
via Prepare For Change
Hello to you, I am Jennifer, from Americus, Georgia. Looking forward to meeting others of like minds who may be interested in joining in on a project which starts locally first. I feel these projects help bring people within the community a better opportunity of financial freedom by solving homelessness, hunger, and giving people an opportunity to learn life skills most people don't know while teaching new ways as well as well as giving them another viable option. The idea starts with placing small pockets of self sustaining communities that will eventually be able to support itself completely, as well as create its own profit (still playing with that concept). I had planned on being able to do these as a bunch of small projects and once its complete, it will be able to help bring people out of poverty, homelessness, to include producing valuable members within it that add to its sustainability. I have plans to begin as soon as financing allows. I'd like to continue doing this and adding to the crew so that we could eventually network out and do this in multiple locations at the same time. It requires many people with all kinds of skills to make this work, so along with jobs and work people would love to get involved in, it provides sustainable infrastructure, we will be creating our own "prosperity" so to speak just by tweaking a few things to which I have noted along my observation of life, that make it very difficult for anyone to reach certain points in life. I feel this project contributes in so many ways and just thinking of the good it could do just fills me with excitement because I know its going to be great. I feel like this is what i came here to do. It has become an obsession to which I committed and dedication myself to getting done. I feel this needs to happen now as it does not take away from the current system and allows people an opportunity to be able to sustain themselves if the current system failed. Having something right now would prevent alot of problems later. I also other projects on my plan list but just wanted to post one of them which is most important to me. Thank you for your time.
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