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Hello, I am Katherine in Canada's capital. I want [...]

Gatineau, Québec
via The Full Circle Project
Hello, I am Katherine in Canada's capital. I want to build a self reliant community around me or better yet, run away to one. I would love to hear from like minded people. I think many of us here today are because of RFB, so prayers of gratitude to him for introducing me to Max Igen. Mr. Igen "resonated" with me.
Very true Kat- we've been happy to welcome quite an influx of people since Richie persisted in posting the banned interview with Max I wrote and thanked him on behalf of FCP ; it would be great if other radio-show hosts could mention FCP as a way for people to gather together in small groups to make a big difference. Please leave a list of good stations you all think would be worthwhile to approach.. I have many on my list, but we need to hit 'em all
Have a look at the for ideas on forming/joining resilient communities. We work quite closely with Derrick and crew and you can find a couple of interviews with him on our youtube channel. Here is the first one to get you going…
Monday 12 December 2016, 17:37:08
Me too, Kat! I've been feeling frustrated with the fact that everybody around me here in Texas seems to be clueless to the suffering of others and the absolute evil in our world today! Very grateful to RFB's video that introduced me to Max Igen's work. I've always been a loner or the odd man out, so it's comforting to see others that I can connect with!☺️
Monday 12 December 2016, 19:31:00
Hey guys. What's scary is that this same stuff is happening in our backyard. Google Project Truth, Project Jericho, Project Spade.
Friday 23 December 2016, 16:05:00
I'm in the area and have the same desire to create a self reliant community. I would Be happy to meet and collaborate !
Wednesday 29 March 2017, 11:36:11
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