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Things we can all do to start the change 1. Get rid [...]

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Things we can all do to start the change
1. Get rid of our dependence on money and by extension the banks
The only way to free ourselves from the current system is to change our own individual lives. For most of us, this starts with freeing ourselves from debt to the banks. I incurred a good deal of debt when I went to post secondary for 2 years while raising a family with no income. I was also a frivolous spender in my earlier years which didn’t help my case. Thanks to the kindness of family we rid ourselves of a good deal of the debt but still have a way to go. We all need to analyze how we are spending our money (as we still need money to work with the system for now). We need to ask ourselves “What do we NEED in this world.” A good deal of what we spend our money on are things a human being doesn’t need to survive. We have complicated our lives with things we don’t need and things that don’t make us truly happy. This is the way that most of us have been raised. Our capitalistic society has told us that if we aren’t happy that we need to buy things. This is completely wrong but most of us do it because we have been brainwashed into thinking that is a valid solution to our problems. Money wont help us solve our internal problems, relationships with other people and happiness with our own selves will.
Some things we can do now is to eliminate wasteful spending, buy only what you need and only spend money when you have money (not getting into debt with the banks). This is of course easier said then done. I’ve been working on this for myself for a couple years and still have a long way to go. This wont be an easy or quick job but it is a necessary one if we want to create meaningful change in our lives and in the world.

2. Utilize alternative energy sources.
I am a major proponent of alternate energy, being an electrician by trade. I truly believe that free energy will free us in the end. At the moment, we need to work within the confines of modern technology which is not free but there are ways we can become energy independent. Solar is the prime example of how we can escape our need of the energy grid that is controlled by the corporations and government. Look at your energy bill. Most of what we pay for with energy is transmission charges, distribution charges, fees and taxes. This is understandable when you look at the infrastructure involved in generating and transporting energy to your home, but it isn’t necessary. If we all invested in a personal alternate energy system from our homes (solar being the best option at the moment), we can eventually eliminate the grid all together. Right now, this will not be a cheap solution but as technology gets better, it will become more efficient and less costly. For those of you who can afford it now, I implore you to invest now and be the example for those around you.

If you want to help change the world, start by changing yourself and your life first. Lead by example and, change in others and the physical world will inevitably follow.
I agree whole heartedly with what you wrote here in regard to the alternative energy, however, in regard to the debt thing, I think that focusing on eliminating debt is a spiral of death, that reinforces our conditioning in regard to money. As well as the fact that due to the nature of money, the only way to eliminate debt is eliminate money.
Sunday 11 December 2016, 22:22:29
Thank you
Monday 12 December 2016, 09:46:34
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