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Hello brothers and sisters last few years my eyes have [...]

Revere, Massachusetts
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Hello brothers and sisters last few years my eyes have been opening what i see disturbs me greatly not supposed to be negative sorry but light is truth .I get on my knees and pray that people will wake up to our greatest threat to us is chem-trails weather they our doing it to block out sky dumb us down or implants what ever this is what i know animals our dying buy the millions at times there looks to be 2 SUNS our leaders for the whole world our mostly picked because they are pedophiles so they can be controlled most children charities our fronts for those very disturbed people we are not being told truth even bye Galactics Cobra/ not telling is a form of lying I'm sorry but have to state this .In closing was getting blasted bye CHEM-TRAILS last week and decided to look at NASA channel to see who else it was happening to the only country that wasn't under cloud coverage was Russia so ask yourself what the hell our they doing why would Galactics let this happen and don't want to hear they can't interfere they have been interfering our entire existence I truly hope i am wrong but i grew up in East Boston i can tell when somethings off .PLEASE lets start a movement to stop spraying us in my opinion it's just as important as disclosure would be grateful for any ideas or bringing this up to community leaders MUCH LOVE BOBBY
Hi Bobby, I am new to PFC. I agree that what the Cabel is perpetuating on the sentient beings on this planet is reprehensible. I have been reading a lot of Cobra's information on his blog and others. From what he says, Russia's President Putin had a spiritual awakening a few years ago when he was visited by some Pleiadians and hence is now working for the light. Maybe that is why Russia is free from the chemtrails. Regarding the rest of us, Cobra does have some information about what is being done to eradicate the chemtrails, HARRP and other weapons used against us on his blog. Also, under Cobra's blog post called protection he has a link to a Tessla's Purple Ray machine that can help a lot and he has other companies that list different types of products that can help from cheaper to more expensive. Also, Don Croft says that his products can help, he has a lot of information, including information on how to build Cloud Busters that can remediate the effects of Chemtrails etc. Some of what he says seems to be true and effective. Much love to you Bobby and thanks for your post. Victory of the LIght!
Saturday 10 December 2016, 23:46:12
thankyou for comment if you need an ear i'm hear for you
Sunday 11 December 2016, 16:00:52
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