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Lee Harris energy update for december and january [...]

Eferding, Oberösterreich
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Lee Harris energy update for december and january…
[deleted user]
Thank you for posting this update, Martina fair.
I agree with Lee's view and vision that our aliveness and strength, support us in this crash course in waking up and karmic clearing

I experienced going through a transformational process, by reminding myself of a similar reaction to a new home and its residents, finding my place and settling in a new home since Dec. 1st. When that was clear I found such ease in shifting to another space within, where constructiveness resides. An old song made itself heard, quickly showing it was ready to disappear in the mist of the past. I'm so pleased with myself
Friday 9 December 2016, 22:08:31
[deleted user]
Oh I am happy to hear this Marian:);moving is always a new beginning, like spring settling in after winter time.It is very much about the energy surrounding you as well I believe. I used to live in a village too where I felt the energy was not that great even though I did not influence it our lives. For one year we live in a neighbour community but the energy I feel is way more positive and it makes me feel much more comfortable. I am happy for you that you made this to you!
Saturday 10 December 2016, 14:50:22
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