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hello everyone sorry its been a while alots been going [...]

Gillingham, Medway
via Ubuntu - United Kingdom - Kent
hello everyone sorry its been a while alots been going on how are we all, hope your all well.

Walter Dewald
Hi Oliver - thanks, same on my end, totally overworked. I plan a winter BBQ at our place in SE18 London, once I am back from Austria (19th of Dec.) - would you be interested in coming?
Friday 9 December 2016, 21:16:34
Lee Welch
Hi Oliver. It's always great to see active members on here. I'm also interested in connecting with those within the UK as the local movement grows. I'm lead to believe there is a particular urgency to do so in the UK.
Friday 9 December 2016, 22:15:19
oliver s
sure sound lovly walter i will see if i can sort transport, im a currently trying to get in to web developing i have a course i should be starting soon. so im very worked of my feet lol. Hope you enjoyed your time in Austria. also its nice to speak with you to lee and your right its about time we started uniting and shareing our ideas with one aother i will be moveing within the next 3 months so its a busy time but i will make time for anything we set up.
Monday 12 December 2016, 10:08:39
You can come with me if you want oliver, I've got a ride!
Tuesday 13 December 2016, 20:26:02
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