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The Ten Commandments come from the ancient Egyptians and never had anything to do with any Jews or Hebres - not ever. Just as The Torah was stolen from the Samaritans, the 10 Commandments were taken from the Egyptians! Amazing! And, by the way, there never was a Jew called Jesus! That is al entirely Egyptian' "IUSA the KRST was born in a stable on the 25th December of a Virgin called Isis Mery. He taught in the Temple at age 12 and he was baptised at age 30 by Anup the Baptiser - who was beheaded. He had 12 companions. He walked on water, healed the sick and raised the dead. He was buried in a tomb of rock (such as a pyramid) He died and was resurrected - naturally.." It all comes from the Pyramid Texts and the Egyptian Book of the Dead. St John's Gospel is word for word out of the Egyptian texts! Spread the word. Christianity is very profound and it is TRUE. However, it never ever had anything to do with the Jews or with any Hebrews. Not EVER!
Hi Elentari, we are geographically close to each other within this beautiful county.
I'm inclined to think that all the stories of The Christ, Krishna, mithra, Horus etc and the ancient books like what you have linked to here, and also the bible, Quran, Kolbrain,, Maharaba etc are allegories for Gods Law/ natural law, call it what you will.
And when he opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour. Rev8:1
Could the 7th seal be the 7th level of understanding?
Thursday 8 December 2016, 23:31:53
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