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MARY MAGDALENE: How Women Can Heal December 1, 2016 | Author [...]

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MARY MAGDALENE: How Women Can Heal
December 1, 2016 | Author Mercedes Kirkel

Received by Mercedes Kirkel

Question: As we’re shifting the energy on the Earth today into a new dimension, I see part of the healing is for women to forgive, love, and honor themselves where they may have been shut down. How is this done in the most divine, sacred way, in giving permission to women?

Mary Magdalene: To forgive, love, and honor themselves?

Questioner: Yes.

Mary Magdalene: They must do the healing of what has caused them to stop at a certain point, what has frozen them you might say, like shutting off a valve. It is not enough to simply intend that this valve reopen. You must find the wound that closed it and there must be reopening of the wound, literally.

There is no way to bypass this that is authentic. You must go through the process of going into the wound and allow it to heal in the way it was originally intended to heal. If someone shut down at some point, they moved out of the healing process—out of despair, or fear, or not knowing how to complete it.

This is the work that I spoke about in great depth in the first set of messages I brought through to Mercedes, the ones that are embodied in the book Mary Magdalene Beckons. I spoke about how to learn a whole different pathway of relating to pain, a pathway that takes you into reconnecting with God. If someone has shut down from their love, or their self-honoring, or their self-forgiveness, they have stopped that process. Or perhaps they never began it in the first place, not realizing or understanding how to engage it. It must be re-engaged.

The heart must open. When you open the heart you will feel the pain. You will feel the place you stopped. It is right there waiting to be healed. But it is not about simply feeling the pain. You must let the pain take you to its source, the place within yourself that you shut down from, your own God-nature. Then you can reconnect to that God-nature within.

That is the function of pain. It shows you the most direct pathway to reconnect with your God-self. If you do not make use of that pathway for your healing and instead try another pathway, very often you will not get to the true root. The emotions were intended to guide you to the healing you require. When you try to do it through another pathway, especially the pathway of the mind, most often people are fooled. They think they understand. They think they realize what they need to do to heal. But they are still hiding the true connection and source from themselves.

This is the pathway that’s described in Mary Magdalene Beckons. This is the most important thing for most people to learn at this time, especially those in the Feminine. It is more natural for the Feminine to avail themselves of this emotional process. Through their own opening to emotions, and through learning this process of allowing their emotions to lead them back into full connection to God, those in the Feminine can support those in the Masculine.

Those in the Masculine may not have the exact same pathway, but it will be a similar one. They will be very supported by those in the Feminine who have developed these strengths. This is part of the synergy between the Masculine and the Feminine, which they were meant to engage and support each other with. It is a most beautiful and wondrous process.

It is not easy to understand this process until you actually experience it. This is part of the work that has been given to Mercedes, to be the bridge to help people to experience this process and understand it deeply within themselves. Then they can start to live this process and to model it for others. My words may not make sense until you avail yourself of that kind of support and have the experience yourself.

Does this answer your question?

Questioner: Yes.

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