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This is an article on the viruses, or whatever it [...]

Chicago, Illinois
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This is an article on the viruses, or whatever it may be, that is systematically whipping out the global population. People either don't know about this or they don't care, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what's been goin on on this planet for awhile. Turning a blind eye to this will get you nowhere in or after life. It kills me to think that people get upset over trivial stuff like minimum wage, or I get yelled at by strangers who feel I cut them in the currency exchange line when they are sitting in a corner on the floor, but stuff like this people are ok with God, or whatever, helps those that helps themselves.…
You got a double edged sword here. Not only you got viruses being sprayed on you, you got vaccinations that are killing you also. See, these things are so arrogant, that they don't need to throw the population into train cars, herd them off into concentration camps and throw them in gas chambers and exterminate people by the millions. All they need to do is get some aircrafts, gather up they chemtrail juice and spray it right out into the open and none will be the wiser. All people have to do is say NO! STOP! The thing about the reptilians,Dracons, is that they don't even acknowledged you unless you stand up to them. They won't even see youbas a contender. Correct me if I am wrong, bit humans have a mammalian brain correct? Which means we use reasoning, and problem solving skills to get our way out of undesirable situations. The reptilians have a reptilians brain, fight or flight mode. Negotiating with a entity that is mainly ready to fight or run is ALMOST impossible for you to be diplomatic with. You think they cate about your health? You think they care about your wealth? You think they care about your land ownership? NO! They want to fight! Humans are the ones that think they can cut a deal or bargain with these things, there is no reasoning there is no reason to. They want this planet and are willing to fight to get it. If you want this planet you gotta fight for it!
Friday 2 December 2016, 08:56:21
I'd also like to note, you know alot of people on this planet I know are tired of wars tired of fighting. But in all honesty the humans have never had peace on this planet at least not everlasting. Humans want to cry victimhood and I understand that. I too am also tired of waking u everyday plotting my defense and all in all who knows that when everything is said and done it would all be worth it? They've killed saints they've killed prophet's they killed great leaders they killed all of the greatest leaders that were ever known. But we still have alot of great leaders and all of us were given a free will as to defend ourselves. The reptilians do not have the type of free will that we do which is why they are jealous of you. They use humans to do their will which is why everything seems to be engineered.

Humans are more powerful then they are lead to believe. The reptilians, archons,greys, chimera are dying. Humans on this planet haven't even really been given the chance to flourish. The reptilians can violate your free will by using the greys to trick you into making bad choices. They do give you a choice but without faith without trusting in yourself we very often make bad choices for ourselves. NOBODY TOLD YOU YOU HAD TO VOTE! NOBODY TOLD YOU YOU HAD TO PAY OFF LOANS FOR A HOME OR SCHOOL.The reptilians dracons told you to do that in order to put you in debt and waste your time and distract you while they figure out a way to keep ahold of this planet and keep out the lightforces. That's the only reason. Why would a 4th dimensional creature care about money? For control of those in lowe dimensions, it os not to eventually aet everyone free.

With these metals from the chemtrails like aluminum, which is totally toxic to the himan body, what happens is that it builds up inside the body so you would have heavy metals in you. People need to be aware of this because the greys have the power to move things woth their mind. Mind over matter. This way they can BEND things, people the their will or the will of the chimera or dracons. These cameras, haarp, elf towers, AI, all aid in bending peoples will to they own. An object hit you? Did you slip and break ypur ankle? Something wake you in the head? A car slam into you? Again, these things don't play they practically leave nothing to chance for there is a chance they may lose.

Humans do have superhuman abilities and ot is with these super strength that we are still here fighting. They Archons,Dracons have a real tough decision. If they blow the planet up they will have wasted all they time they tried to get it. On the other hand they can blow up a portion of it an fix whatever is left of it but they risk losing the vital resources created that keep this planet fertile. We all have to evolve to my understanding there is a zenith we're evolution goes no further. In anycase there are more species in the universe than the chimera or dracons or whomever and they are obviously not the right inhabitants of the planet because of the DNA differences. If they don't want to progress than they would be better off dead.
Saturday 3 December 2016, 15:58:33
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