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i have been turning written comunication or my trail of [...]

Santa Tecla, La Libertad
via Coeo
i have been turning written comunication or my trail of though into visually comprehensive pseudo code. i am computer scientist and video jockey. visual icons should be used to learn languages. i interpret and translate english to spanish to french. and i love languages i believe we can co-create a iconographic language does this resonate ?
Carlos Indigo Lara
Update : I am now designing a Real Video Game (Hybrid between video game like RPG and real life like ultimate freebsee)! Our team is inline with Standing Rock, we wish to base our story line in the Eagle and Condor Prophecy, When the Eagle Masculine of the North, flies to meet the Condor femenine of the South, the Earth will shift its polarity and we will choose between anihilation or ascencion of the human race!
Friday 16 December 2016, 23:19:11
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