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I know David Icke isn't the kind of guy who [...]

Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken
via The Full Circle Project
I know David Icke isn't the kind of guy who would respond to your email.
But what are you going to do if he makes fatal errors (intentional or otherwise) in his presentations?
1. Khazars did occupy part of of the Caucasian mountains militarily but it doesn't means Khazars are from that area.
2. Khazars didn't come from norther Iraq; they came from Mongolia and the Khazars were Asians. (Gokturks. See…)…
tony a
David Icke is not all wrong and you are not all wrong. The Khazars have a written language that has connections to Mongol scripts but they as a people were a little more complicated and had connections to Iranians etc.

A lot of red haired people were also among the Khazars, do Mongols have red hair? If you know the Sumerian texts you will remember that the An-Unna-Ki talked about the people of Sumeria as 'the black headed ones' so what colour hair were they supposed to have?
Thursday 1 December 2016, 11:12:17
I posted a while ago about the Kaifeng Jews.…
If you are an ethnic minority surrounded by different groups, you are likely to absorb genes from your neighbors, especially given hundreds of years. Even if your group professes a "purist" ideology or religion, there are always cheaters.
Thursday 1 December 2016, 12:31:43
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