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Golders Green ward open chat: Abolish all taxes! - Replace [...]

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Golders Green ward open chat: Abolish all taxes! - Replace them with a 1% transaction tax --- it will multiply tax revenues, while reducing what 99.9% of us currently pay.

This will prevent most 'creative accounting' and tax evasion, and will put more than £7000p/a in every individual's pocket.

Click here for the math

click here for why the current system is illegal! And why forcing the government to obey the people is legal!


did I get it right?
And if so, why don't I see it on your website – punchy, direct, in your face, bam – I don't have the time, health, energy, or eyesight to start digging (took me an hour to write this short missive – sure it can be said better, but feel free to use it if you like).

(p.s. the above had pragraphs and so on when i posted it)
Monday 21 July 2014, 23:32:31
Thanks for your reply.

Hope you know the forces that we are up against.

Several reasons why we are not living in a true democracy = decisions made behind closed doors, professional paid lobbyists, are 2 obvious and oft mentioned ones, but here is a big one, a real game changer = = =


My provisional estimate is that everyone serves as a police officer 2 months every 4 years. Starting young and for life, and i do mean everyone = even pulling people out of prison for the duration, after all who knows better, and any shenanigans will be immediately apparent. I envision groups of 8 enlisted at a time, with EXACTLY 2 from the immediate community, and where none are friends or family with more than 2 others in the octet. The need for experts will be filled with police adjuctants, who will have no police powers, and will never be allowed to perform the same duties during their service (the adjuctants can even be detectives, there to advise the octet rather than do anything, and never armed - only the people-police, properly trained, may bear arms).

The devil is in the details, and it cannot happen overnight, but still, i see an overnight reduction of 80% in crime, and an overnight reduction of 99.99% in police corruption.

Forgive me for not doing more here to prove this case, but i already mentioned my lack of health and bad eyesight – and anyway, everyone has to contribute to the debate (democracy), and i'm sure you could have great fun figuring it out – always remember fun when battling horrors!

Keep strong, and thanks for listening.

P.S. My spellchecker isn't working. Adjuctant = someone outside the police force.

Saturday 26 July 2014, 05:29:58
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