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Free for the Holidays 'til 25th U-Knighted We Stand ...AND A NEW [...]

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Free for the Holidays 'til 25th
U-Knighted We Stand
Sophia West is launching her second book: U-Knighted We Stand: Book of the South (Diary of an Angel Knight Volume 2). It's the continuation of the incredible life story of the founder of the Good Knight Child Empowerment Network, Sir Edward Jagen. Spoiler alert: volume II contains much more about how Sir Edward came to build the Good Knight Castle in Beltsville, MD.
Book II also contains the remaining set of lessons - ancient wisdom teachings - that Sir Edward recieved on a monthly basis, beginning in the late 90's. He then went on to teach them to the first set of Angel Knights who became the core team at the Good Knight Castle. The first set of lessons have been a part of my life for the past year and a half - and have made a profound difference in how I understand and operate in the world - I can't recommend them enough for anyone looking to strengthen their spiritual muscles.
You can get Book II for FREE on Amazon:…
In honor of the holiday, Sophia is ALSO offering her first book: When Angels Dream: Book of the North for FREE as well:…
Go grab the two books - they'll be GREAT company for your holiday break! And if you find the lessons calling your heart, you can join in an online group that is studying the wisdom teachings together over at:…
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