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Hey guys, Im located in Fort Collins. Looking to gain [...]

Fort Collins, Colorado
via Freedom Cell - United States - Southwest - Denver, Colorado
Hey guys, Im located in Fort Collins. Looking to gain and share skills and knowledge about self defense, hunting, off grid energy, growing food, medical. Im interested in building a network of resources that are independent of the state. I am a programmer who builds web applications and I am also a graphic desinger
interesting as I am currently working on building out my companies website and am using word press to do so. Its a bit of a bear to deal with
Thursday 20 December 2018, 19:41:15
Dave ID
Hey guys I just made a Freedom Cells discord group - Https://
Would love to use this platform likeminded agorists, self sustainists, freedom enthusiasts and more from all over the world to have discussions, make friends, create networks and establish alternative institutions!
Monday 4 February 2019, 00:47:02
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