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Part 6 - empowering the immune system She mentioned to get [...]

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Part 6 - empowering the immune system

She mentioned to get something out of the eye, go around the world with the eye to work it out to the corner so you can get it out.

Nose breathing is important as the nose cleans the air coming in, but the mouth doesn't.

One of the main reasons there is mucus is an intolerance to gluten.

Sleep apnea - Once again, it's important to stop the wheat, dairy and refined sugar.

To balance the microbes in the mouth sugar feeds, do coconut oil pulling. Take a rounded teaspoon of coconut oil and swish it around in the mouth for 10 min., then spit it out in the trash, not the sink as it will plug it, then rinse twice. I've used this for an abscess and it worked.

Antacids work against the hydrochloric acid in the stomach that kills the bad microbes - long term use causes colon cancer.

Acid reflux does not come from too much acid, but the gate, the cardiac spincter, which is not closing. Magnesium and jumping on a rebounder can help with that.

The white blood cells are your immune system. They are the healers. Puss is the white blood cells that come to clean infections. Puss is the dead white blood cells left behind.

One of the white blood cells, the lymphocytes are the scouts which search for problems in the immune system, the blood, and is activated by jumping. She suggests a lymphocizer, (rebounder, small trampoline) for bouncing. Children bounce, they consciously know naturally.

We stop bouncing, we get sick, we grow old.

The lymphatic system is the clean up system in the body, and it's only when we move, they open.

She talks about hydrotherapy, hot water for 3 min, cold water for 30 sec, 3 times for healing inflammation. She gets into this in more detail later.

What happens is the blood, the healers, come rushing in, and the old blood goes out each time she would put the boys finger in the hot, relieving the pain.

Then she put a grated potato poultice, a drawer of the blood.

You can help the white blood cells by giving them pure air (open the windows), sunshine, gradually get as much as you can.

Refined sugar kills off white blood cells, caffeine can inhibit the production of white blood cells and hybridized wheat stimulates an overproduction of eosinophils, the histamine carriers causing allergies. Stopping the wheat stops allergies. Once again, stop the wheat, dairy, and refined sugar.

Homemade spelt bread, regular and french are really good. In a bread maker, the French seems to be the healthiest.

Sleep boosts the immune system, ideally between the hours of 9 pm and 2 am. If not possible, maybe set up a consistent sleeping schedule we can stick to.

Exercise, high intensity interval training, rebounding (jumping).

Proper diet, fiber, protein and fats boost the immune system as well.

Fat doesn't make us fat, it's the wheat and the sugar does. Coconut oil is one of the most energizing fats.

Plenty of purified water, half your weight in pounds in ounces a day to keep the blood thin and flowing.

To get the water into the cells, Celtic or Himalayan salt, just a crystal per glass.

Hot and cold is an immune system booster. After a hot shower, do a quick cold shower. That shit will wake you in the morning, huh? ;), 10 min hot shower and 10 sec cold.

The quick cold after heat is one of the best immune system boosters.

The cold in the winter prevents colds, windows cracked while we sleep and exercising outside making sure we keep the torso warm, jacket, gloves, wool cap . . .

Having a hot shower after and ending with cold equalizes the circulation and prevents chilling.

A hot shower at night without the cold relaxes.
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