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Part 12- sodium bicarbonate wrap Working with cancer, This video really needs [...]

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Part 12- sodium bicarbonate wrap

Working with cancer,

This video really needs to be watched as I doubt I will be able give step by step instructions well enough to make it clear.

Be sure to use heavy duty cleaning gloves.

Use old thin towels.

2 kilos sodium bicarbonate
1/3 cup lemon juice
5 liters of boiling water

Put a liter of water in the bucket with the sodium bicarbonate, stir it in, add the lemon juice and the rest of the water keeping the foam down adding just enough to keep it from foaming over and stirring it.

You have to work fast in this, and will need some help.

Put a 2 wool blankets down for the patient to lie on, put one towel in the bicarbonate solution, ring it out, and when the temperature drops enough they can handle it, let them raise their arms and wrap the towel over the body.

Put the second towel in the bicarbonate solution, mixing it up as the sodium bicarbonate tends to sink in the bucket, ring it out, wrap one leg when they can handle the heat, wrap it in a plastic bag big enough to cover the leg, and wrap one side of the wool blanket they are laying on over that.

Then the other leg the same way, then put another bag over both feet and the blanket to keep the feet warm.

Then do the arms, and tuck some of the towel under the back and over the chest, making sure it is not too hot for the patient, also wrapping a plastic bag over the towels on the arms. If the patient has breast cancer make sure the breast is covered well with the towels.

Wrap top wool blanket over that side, and repeat with the other arm, and wrap them up with both blankets, and put another wool blanket on them if needed. Let no air in around the blankets.

Leave them there for an hour. The sodium bicarb comes in through the skin creating a very alkaline environment in the body.

While doing this they need to stop all fruits, carbs, having plenty of vegetables and minerals, seeds and nuts, a liter of green water through the day along with olive leaf and grape-seed extract herbs to knock back yeast from the body.

Do the sodium bicarbonate wrap one day, then another day a hyperbaric chamber, and a steam bath every night. If you can't gain access to a hyperbaric chamber, just do the bicarbonate solution wrap 5 days straight a week. If doing the hyperbaric chamber alternating, do 3 sodium bicarbonate wraps and 2 hyperbaric chambers.

While doing the sodium bicarbonate wrap, check on them to see if they need a little water or a cool rag in the forehead if they are not sleeping.

If they are asleep, try not to disturb them. It's very important to move fast to keep the towels warm. It would be very uncomfortable if they get cold. You need good, thick wool blankets for this.

The mental state of the patient is also important. It's not going to work on an angry, anxious, fearful person. They also must be willing to stick to the diet while going through this.

The reason for the hyperbaric chamber is it increases the oxygen getting into the cells, creating more energy, and will increase the effects of any healing process.

This will not work while someone is doing chemotherapy.

Be sure to wash the blankets after every use.

Keep the patient warm while taking off the wraps. You can use towels or a bath robe.

It's important to have a warm shower, not hot, not cold after this treatment using a wash cloth to remove all the waste that has come out of the pores. If they feel like talking a nap first, that will be fine.

The bottom, outer blanket will not need washing if the wetness hasn't gotten through.

Preferably, this would be done before doing chemotherapy.

In a personal note, I might treat a lump in the breast with castor oil poultices before getting it tested for cancer, using lemon water and the diet and exercises she suggests.

She said in an earlier lecture cancer cannot live in an alkaline, oxygen environment.

For those with no lumps or cancers, I personally think it worth the effort to change the diet and exercise - organic, non-GMO vegetables, greens, nuts and seeds, no or very little wheat (use spelt flour), dairy and any meat not raised by loving farmers. And stay away from over the counter drugs and work with the doctor to get off those drugs that do more harm to the immune system, and only treat the symptoms. We need to eliminate the disease and treat the symptoms naturally.
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