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Hi, I'm Evert, and I want to participate in anything [...]

Gothenburg, Västra Götalands län
via The Full Circle Project
Hi, I'm Evert, and I want to participate in anything that serves to raise our awareness about ourselves and the world. I've come to a point where I feel like I'm giving up understanding this madhouse that is the world. That is to say, I have given up trying to figure out who and what I am in terms of what I or other people believe or think I am. That feels both like a great relief and a tremendous responsibility. There I go. Great to be here.
Hi Evert Your the first message I've seen on the full circle I've just registered, my fathers name is Evert and my middle name is too, he lives in Holland I live in NZ, we don't talk much and I found out 3 days ago he had a major heart attack and is now on the mend, so its quite a coincidence that I saw your message first,its great to be on board the full circle, I'm a great admirer of Max Igan too, anyway cheers, and good luck
Monday 10 August 2015, 11:39:22
Agreed Evert, it does indeed create something of a paradox. A new found sense of responsibility for our own actions, along with the eradication of many of those familiar controlling factors, such as guilt and external perception. An exciting journey for sure.
Monday 10 August 2015, 12:56:11
Hello Evert, welcome and bless you for comin here. I'm a fellow Swede and I'm sure we'll talk lots more about Everything.
Tuesday 11 August 2015, 21:58:00
Thanks, I'm looking forward to talk with you, and in particular about what it means to be more aware and how we apply our insights into daily life. For myself I find that that's the only thing I want to talk about when I see people and I realise that that it can be somewhat overwhelming to someone who hasn't had the same experience as I've had. On the other hand, aren't such people precisely the ones we should talk to? And I've found that, for some reason, it has become easier now to get the point across. Have you noticed that too?
Thursday 13 August 2015, 20:03:18
coincidentally, I had this very thought today Evert. I was helping a lady who lost her husband to cancer recently, and I suddenly realised I had been bending her ear for the last two hours, covering all manner of subject related to the ills of the modern materialistic world, rather tellingly, I also realised that she had been responding and engaging with much of the discourse. An amazing feeling. Peace always.
Thursday 13 August 2015, 20:21:17
Yes starfall, and that is a tell-tale sign... to be able to notice that things are happening to other people's awareness too
where you least expect it. By the way, I watched the Perseid meteor shower last night and it will go on tonight as well
Thursday 13 August 2015, 21:02:34
Yes Evert, I am currently back in the Uk and it's a clouded sky. I was hoping to be down in Snowdonia for it but had to change plans, so fingers crossed I see some magic tonight. thanks for the heads-up friend.
Thursday 13 August 2015, 21:12:54
Thanks for the welcome, Rosie. Where do you want to go? If you know that, then everything you do will get you there regardless of what you think about it. What's in the way is the way, as they say in the East, and everything you do is meaningful. The only thing you need to do is stop struggling with it. It's only later that we realise that our troubles earlier were precisely those experiences that were required to get where we are now. You are welcome to comment on this and bring up anythi
ng you want to talk about.
Thursday 13 August 2015, 22:00:08
Haha! You are an intuitive arent you? Yes I am indeed struggling and your asking me and whoever is listening how to integrate our understanding in everyday Life and that is what
I'm asking myself constantly as well. And I don't know where I want to go. I am all over the Place, wich has Always been an issue for me. I'm happy to read that you find it easier to talk to other people about the real World but I personally don't find it easier. I have been shot down, alienated and ostrecised so many times it has become a rut thats hard to break but today I intend to make Another careful attempt to talk Another human being about anything of substance. Namely pharmaceutical corruption and the Medical system. What I want more than anything in Life is to do something of real substance, not just information dissemnnation, that will set back the system in an undoubtable way. What that is exactly I'm not sure yet. I'm thinking in terms of agriculture and ceremonial magic, about working with the natural Environment but also about bartering and forming small educational circles for our Children to replace the wretched crap they call school these Days. I realise the neccessity for Community. Right now I'm trying to organise a meeting in Sweden between people who largely share worldview and aims so that we can talk things through, get organised and support eachother. Would you be interested in this?
Saturday 15 August 2015, 09:39:48
Sorry about the random capitalisation. The script on this site seems to do that automatically. I guess it's just thattype of forum, eh? ;)
Saturday 15 August 2015, 09:41:19
Thanks for your reply, Rosie. Re Capitalisation: That occurs whenever you press the Enter key to manually create a line break as type. If you just type the line will break automatically without capitalising the first word next line.
Saturday 15 August 2015, 15:34:17
Saturday 15 August 2015, 15:34:18
I am certainly interested in anything that brings people together in a practical way and I am also acutely aware of the sometimes awkward feeling that accompany attempts to talk to people. You see, you can't argue with them; you have to either avoid them or talk to them in a way that meets them where they are, hopefully in a way that may give them a clue how to go about solving a problem that troubles them. It's like the medical and pharmaceutical system. Stay healthy and show people that there are alternatives, and if we put our energy into that we don't need to waste it on condemning anything. Simply show people that there are better things to do, think, care, and talk about. What do you mean when you talk about 'ceremonial magic' in connection to agriculture
Saturday 15 August 2015, 15:48:52
Saturday 15 August 2015, 19:20:13
I'm glad you will consider it. No, you really can't argue with people, that only causes a counter reaction... if, of course, they are not very selfaware and practise selfcontrol in which case they are probably far more aware than me already! Anyway, my conversation with my friend went fine. We are in the process of getting to know eachother and the brief hints at a noncompliant view of the system and total cynicism when it comes to Worldleadership Went down okay as did my criticism of the Medical system and psychiatry in particular, although I skipped all conspiratorial detail. It turns out she is a spiritual lady with psychic tendencies! What a coincidence.... I'm not as healthy as I would like to be but I still Think I have the right to make observations. I'll answer your question in the next message....
Saturday 15 August 2015, 19:20:27
Saturday 15 August 2015, 19:38:21
As for ceremonial magic in Connection to agriculture I am thinking in particular about the possibility of reversing the dna structure of gmo crops through energetic influence. It may seem like utter fantasy on my part but it seems to me that plants, once tampered with strives to resume their original structure. They are resisting. I Think humans do this too you see and that our dna is being constantly affected as well. There is a blueprint for the organism that goes deeper than the dna and living organisms want to be after that Blueprint. We could help by focusing our wills and hearts on this task either directly where the crops grow or through leylines that lead through the fields and doing so repeatedly and yes, ritually, hence alteing the morphogenic field or whatever one likes to call it.
Saturday 15 August 2015, 19:38:36
Saturday 15 August 2015, 19:50:37
In general I Think humans need to resume a focused way of changing reality with our imagination. The form of it doesn't matter so much as long as there is a form and it's done with the right mindset (and heartset). As you may have noticed "some people" are constantly doing this themselves all the while hiding the activities, the knowledge of how to do it and demonising or ridiculing it to the public.
Saturday 15 August 2015, 19:50:49
I Think this site is very useful and relevant to what I'm talking about.
Saturday 15 August 2015, 19:52:33
Sounds fascinating Rosie, and given the current state of psychopathy, passing as normal these days, I can't fault that line of thinking. Especially with regards to humanity. When we allow our self's to take a breather from the madness and simply observe the sickness we have been adhered to since childhood, it is noticeable how many are subconsciously fighting against these unnatural impositions. The meeting you speak of sounds like a perfect respite from the madness, perhaps even a reminder of self. I've rapidly come to realise my need for consulting self regularly. I find that when i'm away from the urban-mass, I can truly relate to self in perpetuity, the minute I return through the gates we say a fond farewell and separate. I've tried to remain intact, but i am sniffed out within seconds. The materialism police come knocking, questioning my intention. It gets me pondering on how smooth the whole system appears on the surface, however the reality is far from harmonious. The system is literally feeding on it's own life-source, like a materialistic parasite that is overfed, yet still needs the feeding action in order to feel alive. 10 days of unspoilt beauty starts tomorrow, my time to recharge, take stock and prepare for the next inception. Peace always my friends.
Saturday 15 August 2015, 22:58:48
Sunday 16 August 2015, 21:24:21
Thank you, Starfall. I understand and agree with what you are saying and I love the countryside and the closeness I have to nature. I love the land, the trees, the lakes and Everything that is here. You really can hear your own heart here if you wish to but I am also isolated from my peers and I want to reach out because I feel I have so much to give. I want to find people to work with. The details of what that work will contain can be discussed. I have so many ideas and there is no reason why we should stick to doing just one thing. What matters is that we are (probably litterally) on the same wavelength. I have tried doing things on my own and I still do but sooner or later my energy just run out and so des whatever it is I'm doing. I am an individualist, yes, but I still need other humans and I'm done being ashamed of that.
Sunday 16 August 2015, 21:24:35
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