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Welcome to the Jersey Shore Revolutionaries! We are a community-based, [...]

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Welcome to the Jersey Shore Revolutionaries! We are a community-based, united front for-what else? REVOLUTION! It is our strong belief that CHANGE, REAL CHANGE must take place now. IT IS TIME. That fact is beyond debate.

The ONLY way to proceed us to UNIFY. There is but one rule here: ONE RULE-ONE LOVE. There will be ZERO TOLERANCE of hate-spewing, separatism, racism, sexism, etc. or attacking another in any form. It should also be understood, VERY CLEARLY, that this group, and any of it's future endeavors are dedicated to being of the PEACEFUL type. If you want to blow things up, kill, maim, destroy, harm others? this ain't for you, but I sincerely hope and pray that you search your soul and find your way to the 'ONE LOVE' way, for it is the ONLY way we will succeed.

Change begins with the person in the mirror. As Ghandi so aptly reminded us: 'BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD'. Please join this group with that as your underlying attitude, or I will quite simply eliminate your negative ass. <grin>

Admin Jen McDermott's word of advice: That last sentence I wrote brings me to an important fact that should be shared with you. Be warned, I am a militant smart-ass. I believe the adage that states that any Revolution without laughter, music or dancing ain't worth having. While there are many serious things to be discussed, planned and executed as we move forward, a light heart remains, to me, of the highest order.

It is my intention that this group be a place to become a united force OF ALL PEOPLE in the Jersey Shore (and beyond), dedicated to being allies for the betterment of our world, from our back yard, out.

Walk with me, won't you?
Monday 10 August 2015, 05:00:41
Anything going on in the community? I just got back to NJ from travels and looking to connect with kindred spirits. Let me know what your community is up to. Peace .
Tuesday 1 December 2015, 03:10:54
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