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Hello brothers and sisters of light, I invite everyone to [...]

Setúbal, Setúbal
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Hello brothers and sisters of light, I invite everyone to participate in the meditation of light that I do every Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. (Portugal time) .... this meditation is made by high beings of light through the heart chakra, it is a very strong meditation, I make the connection with the Source and with the heart of Mother Gaia, and I connect with the heart chakra of all those who participate in this meditation, we are all connected through the chakra of the heart and it is through this connection that our brothers of the light do the work 😊 ... for those who want to participate, just stay in a comfortable position at 10 PM (Portugal time) and stay focused on a point in the center of the chest, in the heart chakra, if you feel pain or pressure in the chest or intense heat, do not be frightened because it is normal, it is the connection to be made, if you feel some discomfort during meditation or even if you sleep there is no problem it is normal ir Will pass ...
I do this meditation with people in several countries and it has been very intense for all of us, we will extend this stream of light, of love, of harmony to help in this very important period of ascent oficial humanity, of Gaia, lets extend This stream of ligth, This is our time, the time of Light 😊
Namastê 🙏❤🙏
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