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I need to surround myself with awakening individuals so that [...]

Whitesburg, Kentucky
via The Full Circle Project
I need to surround myself with awakening individuals so that we may bolster one another in this journey. Also I need to rid myself of the low vibrational yokes of my current choice of employment , but while still maintain the ability to feed myself and my four legged companion. Anyone close by or does anyone have any awesome harmoniously balanced jobs I could partake in.
Where do you live? We can't see where you're from - it only shows how far you are from each person. Anyhow, your feeling of isolation is extremely common, sadly, among those of us in this cycle of awakening. It kinda' sucks, eh?! It'd be great if we could start some sort of community - a community of only awakened individuals. Then we could not only be supportive but live a more conscious, connected, in-tune lifestyle that we can't access in our contrived and controlled society. Uniting people of like-mind is my objective - power in numbers, as they say. Cheers.
Saturday 8 August 2015, 03:54:33
United we stand, divided we fall. Welcome full circle to Unity.
Saturday 8 August 2015, 05:04:43
Mat Dowle
Nova, you can click on a persons name to see where they live. There is a map with a marker on each user's profile (you may need to zoom it out to see where they are).
Saturday 8 August 2015, 06:31:17
Got it, Mat, thanks. I'm brand spankin new here so learning as I go. Cheers.
Saturday 8 August 2015, 07:43:54
Nova, the problem with trying to implement a community of exclusively 'awakened' people, is inherently flawed. Not least because the ability to find a common definition for being 'awake' is evidently impossible. Some consider themselves awake in that moment they realise that the world isn't quite what it is portrayed as, whilst others may only consider themselves to be awake after some profound spiritual inspiration, just as examples. Also how could we possibly gauge such a difficult notion? Hopefully by what Max, Lou and the others have implemented here will be self regulating, because fundamentally it is a HUB, a way to connect and contact others, with the intention of then setting up micro communities after a sense of trust and unity is formed. It's not going to be smooth nor perfect, because thankfully, we are a very diverse and unpredictable part of natures balance, but I firmly ascribe to the notion that once awakened we find our true calling eventually.
Saturday 8 August 2015, 13:58:06
where? do we put the common/
Saturday 8 August 2015, 14:49:11
That's ok starfall, you can remain in the Agenda-21-driven matrix with the rest of the world's zombies since communing with truth-seekers who aren't necessarily at the level of awareness as YOU is so "inherently flawed." Is Apathy a virtue in your world too?
Saturday 8 August 2015, 16:15:26
Wow Nova, that was taken completely out of context and I apologise if it was my inability to express it in a more succinct manner.It was simply an observation that we can't define what 'awake' is, so how would we implement a community of only awakened people? Everyone has their own definition of what awakening is. With regards to 'inherently flawed' I merely wished to say that it isn't something we can quantify or measure as such, it's beautiful and expressive in each individual. I'm sorry you mistook me for arrogant, I can sure you I am as humble as a human could be in these times. I wish you peace and happiness always.
Saturday 8 August 2015, 17:35:36
Typing is so impersonal...we need not let words insult us. What we need is local circle gatherings. This website is a tool for empowerment by connecting local circles. If we focus too much of our attention globally, we become stretched thin and disempowered. The point was Nova, we need grassroots unity in the community we are living in.
Saturday 8 August 2015, 18:09:00
Helena Cat
Yep typing can easily be taken the wrong way, especially by sensitive empathic people which I'm guessing there is a lot of on here.
Saturday 8 August 2015, 22:03:40
Hey I'm in the same state and not too far away! Sadly, the only jobs left are those of the big corporations who treat everyone like slaves. I recently searched job openings and there are TONS. Not a very good sign. I researched most of these companies and all are exactly the same if not worse in how they treat their associates. As far as local businesses, they have low wages and hours to where one has to work 3 of these jobs to make ends meet. I have 4 four legged critters of my own to feed and a boyfriend who is out of work due to disability. As I find I'm making less money, I try everything I can to live less and less dependent on the system. I am working on my calling and what I know I need to be doing in my spare time, which will involve turning to the internet. Right now, still involves never ending research.
As my job is now, it's taking a lot of my energy so I get overwhelmed in not knowing how to even get started. I try to keep my energies balanced as much as I can and just live in the NOW, taking one day at a time.
Wednesday 12 August 2015, 06:22:28
It's a tightrope indeed Kya, one that most are forced to balance along, in the false hope that there is a state-sponsored safety net to catch our fall. I got tired of balancing, or perhaps I was pushed off the net by a cheering crowd. Either way, I'm falling, and the longer I fall, the more control I have over my descent and the less fear I have of the landing. The most liberating and beautiful moment was realising the net didn't exist. Peace to you.
Wednesday 12 August 2015, 10:43:13
Hello Nova, I can tell by your comments you are feeling frustrated as much as the rest of us. The one thing we all have to remember is those who are awakening have to follow their own path to awakening & we can be there to help them along the way. There is no right or wrong way. Remaining patient with others & calm is our virtue to act only in love and light. Whenever I find myself getting frustrated or angry, I immediately am aware of these emotions so that I may ask myself why I'm feeling these emotions and then can just feel them and let them flow back out of me. This brings me back to a balanced mind/body/spirit complex and to my true purpose. May peace and love be with you.
Wednesday 12 August 2015, 20:47:11
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