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FREE TO WATCH for a Limited Period :
History of the Secret Space Program
Cosmic Disclosure with Jay Weidner: Interview with new SSP Insider Jason Rice

This is the 3rd episode with new SSP Insider Jason Rice, the first describing his abduction (like so many others) as a child into experimental military training (“Give me the child until he is seven and I will give you the man” - much of their training starts with young children and is not designed with the best interests of the child in mind, so can be very traumatic). Jason describes his training with advanced weaponry, undertaken mainly in vast underground caverns.
The 2nd episode shows him taking – and passing a lie-detector test.

In this 3rd episode Jason talks about the history of the Secret Space Program and sheds some very interesting new light on Operation Paperclip and how it managed to gain control of all the major Multinational Corporations, with consequences which are playing out so dramatically today.

(In the latest episode of “Beyond Belief” on Gaia, another SSP insider, new on Gaia but who has been on YouTube and many other platforms for quite a few years, Randy Cramer explains why certain factions of the Military are now actively promoting disclosure – he volunteered in response to a request by his commanding officer.)…
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