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this is happening on my street now and the neighbour [...]

Elwood, Victoria
via The Full Circle Project

this is happening on my street now and the neighbour hood is campaigning! We need to stop the antennas that are suposed to be erected on 45 Ormond road in Elwood. The antennas will produce EME radiation.. the 5g is creeping up is very real please help!

by acting NOW! and write a quick "objection" email ___BEFORE THE 2ND OF OCT 2018

QUOTE: rfnsa3184025

*[email protected] (company organising that with tpg)
*[email protected]( our local state parliament member)
*[email protected] (our local federal parliament member)
*[email protected] (ACMA are the regulating body for these issues)

i have mentioned the info provided by Max Igan that our Australian health carriers are not insuring against electromagnetic radiation .
please let them hear our voices and come together as humans standing up for our freedom... we all know what it means if the 5g grid is fully established.

Help me, campaigning against it!
ideas are very welcome, i would like to take more action then just the emails.

i will inform the neighbour hood and hang up information along my fence as i am located on a street with lots of food traffic.

if you have any information to ad for me please send me links, appreciate your help!

thank you eL

the proposal of antennas is:

Theh proposed facilitie consists of the establishment of a radio communication facility on a existing public utility structure comprising, 2 panel antennas (450mmx300mmx150mm)
radio remote units housed within a cabinet ( 550mmx415mmx365mm)
pipenetworks pty ltd(ACN0999104122)tpg telecom pty ltd

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