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About the TROLLS: Quite simply, if people are generally [...]

Bangkok, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon
via The Full Circle Project
About the TROLLS: Quite simply, if people are generally offensive or their comments are not conducive or in tune with this website or forum, give them fair warning and if they continue to be confrontational and disruptive ask to leave. Using common sense and fair judgement that should be the simplest solution.
I agree with Lee. This site is kinda like a dating site hahahaha. The purpose of the full circle Project is to meet up face to face so I would say the majority of posts from an individual should be about meeting up with others in their areas. If there is no attempt to "meet up" with other members close by I would flag them/it. The persona software and sock puppet software will crap flood the message here and be disruptive. Digital "entities" cannot and will not attempt to meet face to face here. There's a ton of sites on the net for digital "discussions" and blogs. Those that don't intend to "meet" up are not really helping much here and should go to those other sites designed for what they want. Don't forget we could "meet" digitally as groups via internet conference calls. There are many of us who are isolated by many miles to he next member and cannot get together as easily as those in cities.
Wednesday 5 August 2015, 17:52:23
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