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a little experiment..[I noted a few days ago..that the reply [...]

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a little experiment..[I noted a few days ago..that the reply has changed its format..[the same page skipping game I complained on here occurred there..anyhow I clicked on the topic which was a brilliant expose… I liked it so much I made a comment

[but im 60 % sure the public cant read it..because when it first happened I briefly read other comments before the page shifted and I was in the box..anyhow I made a comment ..even knowing I was boxed in to test if you could visit the site please note if the comment is able to be read by anyone else..[I double posted it at waking times here… but the last week they too have been deleting my comments im not expecting it to remain up there..or be visable on the other page.

.[it would also be nice to know how the post option is when you make a comment used to be name address weblink write and post now I have to sign in via some devo sign in option picking facebook twiter or two other non options [might as well include my comment here as I suspect both will disappear

Johan Hendrick a great bit of writing..but one omission..the lie began with was the time..but by selective media reporting and mandated warnings the rot set in and the govt gained a very lucratrive tax scheme globally it raked trillions in may not have ben the first sin tax..but its right up there as an example of science malfeasance..[and via govt public servants buying up the shares they laid down a very weak defence..there is much to be learned from that big sin tax on smokers..and its associated lies..[eg]..they like to claim big the bigger the number..[in Australia it was called 32 billion]..which was accumulated by including the gross costs of smoking [including the buying of smokes ..a number attributeable to damage from ciggie burns lawyers costs fighting the lies research they had a big number..then said boldly that was what it was costing the medical system..[true cost of hospitalisations smoking is 800 million].

.and yet the big number was waved an excuse to introduce mandated tax increases [that so far since its recent introduction have raked in the extra 32 billion the govt needed..its to clever by half..smoking is cause heart attacks so all heart attack costs go into the numbers..smoking is ATTRIBUTABLE to lung cancer [so all lung disease gets put on the list.

.then the photo's on the packetts black frost biten toes ..yes ATTRIBUTABLE to smoking ..some how.,..rotted teth are on the pack..[attributable to smoking>?..the lies are obvious..but even smokers believe the spin..yet official govt stats reveal wood smoke is the highest cause of lung cancer and diesel particulate the 2 de..i forget the 3 rd but smoking came 4 th].

.its the same old lies re the carbon sin tax..despite all life being carbon base..100% carbon free in 100 years means not a signle living carbon based life exists..thats the grand plan..make earth mother look like mars or the moon[both totally carbon last

another curiosity I noted was here…
every time I click on listen to the 1st hour I get some docter joel playing the same Wednesday podcast....sometimes mike comes on but often its the same podcast..[its not easy being me]..anyhow fed back appreciated [email protected]
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