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Hey guys, what's up! I'm so glad to be [...]

Paris, Île-de-France
via The Full Circle Project
Hey guys, what's up! I'm so glad to be apart of the Full Circle Project now. This truly is one amazing movement made possible by one amazing individual who I believe God has brought into all our lives for one very important reason (hint hint).
Anyway, PLEASE LISTEN CAREFULLY NOW!!!!! What I have to tell you may very well be the most important information you will ever hear in your life regarding this most important date. Believe it or not, JUST Yesterday, three individuals approached me and informed me of GLOBAL NON-COMPLIANCE DAY which takes place July 5, 2016. They told me, "Please remember this date as if your life depended on it." These people weren't some nuts off the street either. They informed me that they were all college students in their mid twenties and were some of the nicest people I have ever met and who showed a real concern for our earth mother.
Here is what they told me regarding their brilliant idea which is so ridiculously simple it boggles the mind. I might also add that it's totally 100% non-violent and 100% legal. So this is how it works they said, "Next year on July 5, 2016 the name of the game is to JUST STAY HOME and remain at home until real change is finally made! No longer will we comply with this fictitious corrupt system in anyway shape or form i.e. do not go to work, do not go to school or send your kids to school, and please do not shop in any stores nor participate in commerce in anyway." She also went on to inform me that as of right now, there are over 50,000 people worldwide who know about this date and movement and who will participate on this date and who are spreading the news like wildfire as we speak, something that we all need to be doing she said.
She then told me that it doesn't stop there. "Each person upon hearing this date and the information surrounding it, is obligated to inform 5 more individuals. Each person should inform as many people as possible but 5 is the bare minimum if one chooses to participate. Then each one of those individuals tells 5 more, and then each one of those five individuals tells five more and so forth. By doing this, the news will spread exponentially. This is a way we the people can all unite and stand strong together." They went on to further explain to me, "The people who you relay this information to should really be people whom you have close relationships with and are people you know you can trust and who will not only take this information seriously but who will also hopefully act upon it."
One of the individuals named Edgar said, "This is it, the day we have all been waiting for is finally here. This is every activist's big opportunity to do their part and to participate in the greatest awakening in human history. Everyone who is awake out there and who wants to participate can now do exactly that and this is how they can by spreading this information to as many people as possible by word of mouth."
I told this outstanding group of individuals about the Full Circle Project which I am now proudly a member. Silvia said, "What a great tool to help spread this information and have it go viral." She told me that I should tell everyone who is also a member to relay this information to as many people out there as possible." I told her that I will do what I can. She also suggested that if anyone knows a way of how to get a hold of Max Igan, that we should definitely do so and get him to spread the word via the radio.
Another girl named Sarah, made a point of saying, "Please be sure to mark this date on your calendar and tell others to do the same and to spread the word like wildfire. We have less than a year to make this happen and therefore we have much to do to prepare for it." She suggested that we all start making all the necessary preparations. "Now is the time for all people to seriously start getting to know their neighbors and start building up comradery within their community. We all need to start planting our own gardens and fruit trees and grow as much food as possible as well as all other necessary precautions so when this date is finally here, we will be ready."
So guys what do you say to that? According to Max, every great change that ever took place in history was the result of one individual having an idea that rippled out.
I say today, every day, 11 months from now is buying too much time to you know who? frankly controlled opposition is how it smells to me, another put flowers to rifles as it is 100% legal, hippies did it, look where it got us... good luck however I don't think it will make any difference, planet will survive, but humanity under these machinations and manipulations and poisoning for another 11 months, highly doubtful.. crossroad is now, now is always, at least for me, taking it moment after moment. ceremonial of certain date, no thanks, bye...
Tuesday 4 August 2015, 07:13:28
one under god [on strike/on point]
yes the date is way too far away..i thought xmass was the best time..[lets face it who ever gets to eat all the food before its back to work..but what if we said no thanks..the buying spree pre december wouldnt be as noticable..good idea buit bad timming ..
but even that will be too late it should hit the fan in september
Tuesday 4 August 2015, 07:34:52
Paulo S
People have to understand that non compliance is something you do every day all year around as much as you can without going violent, all it takes is that you realize that the system is forged to enslave instead of liberate, so don't wait for another day start acting now !
Tuesday 4 August 2015, 23:31:55
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