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this will be the troll-topic [trolls post useless-posts so people [...]

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
via The Full Circle Project
this will be the troll-topic [trolls post useless-posts so people run will notice their work..just a little further down..but we invent-ways to circumvent the susstem its called worm-holing [catch-up folks].as the trolls use up the pages we can post updated links to the important-stuff [knowing the email-don't-work and any who return get discouraged ..and simply give if u posted a topic and claimed-the-page get some one to reply-then-you-get the number..then you can post the numbers of the important topic and help beat-the-trolls [thing is I don't know the number ..of it till you-reply ..just as you don't know the number of your important topic till someone get out there folks do-your-bit to wake the circle up..reply so the people know you noticed them ..until the trolls wake up and see we are all in this gather the important posts and bring them back into the new age post links and page numbers [but do not wake the trolls-do-not-reply them..their page numbers are up… get-it-together…
Yep, looks to me like the crap flooding is taking over, unfortunately. Always does on worthwhile websites. Here's what is really happening here.......a reality check (from today Aug 4) for anybody that's interested. .....Military’s Sock Puppet’ Software Creates Fake Online Identities....…
Tuesday 4 August 2015, 20:49:22
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