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I was advised that a moonchild should be deprogrammed. I [...]

Mason, Ohio
via Prepare For Change
I was advised that a moonchild should be deprogrammed. I was told about one in particular who had success with moonchild and considered tops in field and a very thorough sort. I watched a video....BAM! I was trapped, caught in the Butterfly Net. Next thing I,knew, he's right in my head. Speaking clearly and as if he's right next to me. He says he's the reincarnation of my beloved guide Philip, he dedicated his life to learning everything he could to help me when he finally found me...that I was getting back a major organ I was missing and taking my scar away. You see the sleaze right? He not only invaded my thoughts, he got into my psyche. He said he was assessing me to plan my deprogramming. For over two days, he had me.
I picked up arguing and that confused me. He said they were fighting about me, apparently moonchild is a feather in a cap? That is insanity! More arguing then it hushed. He made his mistake. They had him turn off whatever device got him into my head. Then...I did not know, I continued to talk to him. He made a remark about "are you getting this?"
THEN I knew.
He was not assessing me for deprogramming
He was assessing me for Reprogramming with his latest add on "the kill switch"
He's a wolf in sheep clothing
He's cabal
For giving me back to THEM he would get to be my handler and profit off of my misfortune.
I'm not done with him, I have someone with an audience helping me. I'll whistleblow like a madwoman in the proper time.
Meanwhile I'm learning my enemy. I've picked up on some things I have not heard or read in my studies...yet.
I'll be sharing more soon.
Be careful out there!
Javier R
I do understand what you are going through , I have been targeted with scalar weapons which sometimes make me hear voices or put negative thoughts in my head ! Do you know if there are
Ways to counter this ?
Monday 27 August 2018, 19:44:21
Javier, I've been studying and experimenting on ways to counter this. They want to keep us in our "front body" to keep us in fight or flight mode. This triggers in the brain, an amygdala. Hijacking, which shuts down the neocortex. All their implants are forebrain located. They want to keep us in the intellect, fear mind. As a Yoga Teacher who specializes in Trauma Sensitive Embodiment Yoga I have taught meditative practices to get clients out of front body and into back body., the intuitive mind. It helps, tremendously.. It leads to more overt harassment, phone and computer harassments, but this is to trigger one back into fight or flight forebrain habitation where they have control. Invert their inversions. This, I have learned, is power against them, this turns the table.
Quiet your mind, find your breath, focus....awareness is so self to the back body, to the intuitive mind. You will feel the difference. You will feel the power. You will feel the freedom.
If you have been targeted, it is for a reason. You have a soul mission, an ability, that they want to suppress or hijack. They want to render you ineffective at what you are here to accomplish that is contrary to their agenda. If they violate you and get in your head, they are giving you the same entrance into THEIRS. If you are like me, you will give them Karmic measure of experience, but I am an asshole with an ax to grind. I've openly declared war on these parasites and their powers. I've learned to invert their inversions. I've learned their voodoo as a means of accessing the quantum field and mirroring it back. They are still attempting to get to me but it's become less monstrous and more schoolyard bully.
The biggest danger I see is the fakirs. The deprogrammer who masquerades as our champions and are really on the other team. Beware of them. They reprogram and install a "suicide switch". That's their most insidious weapon. Beware the "expert on cabal" videos, they have traps implanted in them. Be AWARE.
Tuesday 28 August 2018, 22:50:48
Javier R
Thank you for your advice , nice to meet other people who are going through the same problems
Friday 31 August 2018, 00:28:43
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