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its not so much..who is in your head..but what people [...]

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
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its not so much..who is in your head..but what people put in it..

things we obsess over energise spirit in-fluence..;;the thing is timing is a time to radiate positivity is in sept you know where love of life is darkness cannot enter

[this engery vortex has been energised over time..been along time in the many levels....when its a non event..or gets subverted..who either refuse to be negative till after this date or be the love wrote large..especially on this day..just in case..[

at least be aware a huge negative eveny will be run can bet on that....its expected the stock-market will collapse on the Friday or the monfay after..[this is the basis and fruition of the exodus event ..if it goes as planned ..j

be aware the other event ..highlight's that means all property resorts to original the jubilee debt forgiveness too [.for who is not.. a child of the father..

wether the false.. or the true emerges really is up to you.. and the negativity or positivity you project into it
one under god [on strike/on point]
we indeed live in interesting times..and if unsure ..its best not to listen to the no doubt forward planned media events..there will be holograms ,,pre recorded will be much like 911..phycologiclly pre-programed to elicit a vengefull or hatefull but fully emotive energy.globaly..[nuke release seems to be most likely..dirty bombs or nuke plants...[maybe blammed on an earth quake ..or metiour..of some sort..and they need people to get biased..or passionate..e-motive..[its worth noting that many elites have already left the 'holt
land'..and expect the rest to be near or in their bunkers..where they will be sealed no doubt to try to escape the rout..have no doubt that the northerneuroshem will be hiding,,as per Fatima caution
Saturday 1 August 2015, 13:13:32
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