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New to the community, been absorbing this information for some [...]

Holly Springs, North Carolina
via Ubuntu Planet
New to the community, been absorbing this information for some time. Excited for the future we will have and our family started supporting this movement by changing the word, " Chores" to "contributions"
It's amazing the change in the response of every member when asked, " would you do your contribution please?" " sure." Is the answer
welcome :)
Sunday 17 April 2016, 13:10:13
Denise Resonance
Greetings of abundance!
Tuesday 19 April 2016, 05:04:54
Bartholomew U
Hello Haze34
, Been watching Micheal's complete series. Want to know what is up in the area?
Wednesday 15 June 2016, 14:58:59
Hi Bartholomew, have you joined the Raliegh circle yet? There have been some great monthly status calls from Ubuntu USA. Are you on those yet?
Thursday 16 June 2016, 19:59:50
Here is the information:Please register for UBUNTU Planet USA Sunday June 26th Collaboration Session 7PM EST. Use this link to register:…;
Thursday 16 June 2016, 20:04:40
also the newsletter: Greetings!! Here is the next edition of the UBUNTU Planet USA Newsletter. Please be sure to "follow" (green button upper right) to never miss an issue -
Thursday 16 June 2016, 20:07:48
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