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Dear Ubuntu friends; My name is Karin Lacy. I am looking [...]

Yreka, California
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Dear Ubuntu friends;
My name is Karin Lacy. I am looking for people who are seriously interested in starting an Ubuntu community.
During my 4.5 years in Mount Shasta I was not able to find like-minded people for starting a self-sufficient community. As my last attempt I wrote my "Open Letter to the Bioregional Ecology Center in Mount Shasta", in which I reviewed and summed up Ubuntu-Contributionism.…

Please get back with me, if this resonates with you.
I just contacted David who started the Southern Oregon Chapter. He lives only 45 miles from me and I suggested to join forces in attracting others.
I'll keep you updated. Love, Karin Lacy
Wow, that seems unbelievable in an area that is supposedly more awakened than most, at the major vortex of the ley lines in the US. I've heard about other groups in Northern Oregon and Washington who've been successful in building communities like in Ithaca, NY where they're on a barter system. I cannot seem to find any info on any of these groups nor updates; however.
Here in Kentucky, no one seems to be awake and those who are are in fear. Most are just outright hateful and negative and shout a mantra of "I NEED MORE MONEY!" They're working their butts to the bone in doing so and are becoming more miserable.
Saturday 16 April 2016, 23:33:42
Karin Lacy
Hi Kya, that's why it is high time that we end that evil money system that enslaved us all.
Monday 18 April 2016, 04:44:23
Denise Resonance
You go! Earth angels unite!
Tuesday 19 April 2016, 05:05:58
Hi would love to connect I live in Mendocino county. Although it not in your back yard, so wanting to connect and co-create. I seems like many entries are month ago. Is Ubuntu alive in Northern Cal today?
Sunday 4 September 2016, 04:01:31
Hello from Canada!!!
Saturday 10 December 2016, 20:22:05
Blue Dolphin
Hi Karin,
Michael was in Mt Shasta on Sunday, June 4th. Perhaps you were there, I was, and I am very much interested in starting a group in Mt. Shasta. There were at least 2 other people I know from Mt Shasta who were there, and one from Ashland, Oregon.
We would just be starting, and I believe the 5 hour video of Michael explaining about the different facets of UBUNTU and a suggested plan of action would be a good place to begin. It could be all day gathering viewing approximately one hour then a recess etc. for a total of 3 hours, then a potluck lunch and play time, then last 2 hours which are all Q&A and discussion, then a dinner potluck ( left overs and new items saved for dinner) and plan for next step. I would order some
books (10 for $100) from Michael so they would be available for $10 as he suggests which funds his livelihood. I believe the
next step would be to form a book reading group and meet
at least once a month. What are your thoughts?
Sunday 11 June 2017, 07:02:22
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