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Hello everyone! I'm Chris and I'm from Northern Ontario, [...]

Sudbury, Ontario
via Ubuntu Planet
Hello everyone! I'm Chris and I'm from Northern Ontario, Canada. Last year for the first time in history there were no blueberries to be had. I've watched many videos on climate change and the shifting poles and am very concerned for the near future. The Guy McPherson projection of an 8-16 degree C average temperature increase over 8 to 18 years held particular resonance. I would like to work with everyone to dicuss and implement solutions to ongoing problems.
Ubuntu includes all, if we can take the money out of the system.. all what is bad in this world will fall with it.. including the whole oil-maffia. <3
Thursday 14 April 2016, 02:38:39
Chris K
It is such an unfortunate thing we are all slaves to money. The need for land and materials all have cost. One day perhaps we will regain a real sense of community...
Thursday 14 April 2016, 15:54:53
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