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Genetic modification can give people a lot of good or [...]

Świdnik, lubelskie
via Coeo
Genetic modification can give people a lot of good or bad. A lot of information is being held back because gene therapy would cut companies off from selling medicines for symptoms instead of curing diseases.
I will mention two key words: Crispr-Gold and radiogenetics.
The first keyword concerns the safe method of gene therapy, which uses appropriately prepared gold nanoparticles to supply the cell (including the brain) with the Cas9 gene and protein.
Radiogenetics means the use of a modification that can be activated and deactivated after exposure of the modified tissue to a specific electromagnetic spectrum.
After a combination of both techniques, whole organs including the brain and the damaged spinal cord can be regenerated, for example, by temporarily activating and deactivating groups of inserted genes. It is also possible to produce insulin directly in the modified tissue with the help of a small device emitting electromagnetic waves.
You will never see this technology in use because it would collapse the pharmaceutical market.
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