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To hold the highest possible vibration on a daily all [...]

Glossop, Derbyshire
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To hold the highest possible vibration on a daily all your Chaka's must be open and balanced on a daily basis because just a wrong thought or feelings or a hard day at work or some sort of stress will nock your Chaka's out of balance.
( Tip ) The quickest way to find out which Chaka's needs to be line up use a pendulum. First ask it to show you a ( Yes ) and then ask it to show you a
( NO ) then ask it to show you a ( Not Saying ) then ask it some trick
YES or NO question about your self if it can't answer all the question correctly then sent it on its way with some kind words
But If it answers all the question correctly then ask who it is
just remember they can only answer yes or no
I myself have ( 5 ) My higher self - My Guardian Angel - Grandmother Ayahuasca - and my John of God Crystal Guides and My Moldavite Cystal Guide
When you have established which guide is with you ask them if all your Chaka's are open clear and balanced if it say's No the ask them which ones are out, starting from your number one chakra which is your root Chakra.
So after you get home from work it will only take 1 minute to find out which Chakra's are out and then depending which way you clear and balance your Chakra's mine take me say 10 minutes per Chakra
And by keeping all your Chakra's open cleared and balance will make you feel good. And for those who meditate with crystals and have a lot of crystal and you can't make up your mind which one you need to use
Then just go over then with a pendulum and let your sprit guide pick it
and if you have a good connection with your crystals let them tell you
which one to use by picking up one at a time in the left hand hold it for no more than 10 seconds if nothing put it down and then go to the next one until you feel the one you have to use for that mediation and you will feel it.

[deleted user]
Hello Mr 9 Ghostbuster, as an experienced energy coach, I'd like to recommend thinking about our energy system in constant flux. There's never a balanced chakral condition, it's always in motion. When we hold that motion in a balanced state of mind, we're getting where you seem to aim at. A pendulum is an instrument that places an inner ability in a postion outside of us.
Tuesday 12 April 2016, 20:46:56
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